There was a time, when they were a simple rear. All you had to do was to feed them, give them place to sleep, take care of them a bit, and in advance you could listen to stories. Like TV, radio and YouTube in one.

And even more…


But this was the mighty past.

Can we still listen? Now? With all those addiction to our bodies? All those toys?

My Island belongs to Danmark, although Danmark too often prefers not to remember about us… Danish is one of those languages which get not complicated, but people can not in fact understand one another. Totally. The most common word which you can hear is: hvad/what? People do not get each other. Or maybe can not listen? This is a huge problem. For not so big country…

So… Can you listen and get it?

Do you still read books?

Can you talk with someone without your phone? Without checking emails? Okay, I know I live in a Smaller End of The World, and I see more trees and beaches and pebbles than humans, but still… I see them. Phones. People riding a bike and checking emails. Are you really ready for a suicide? Oh yes, you will not listen to me, right?



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