Me Me Me

I do not like talking about Me. Because in fact Me is not so interesting, how most of you may think. Me is in fact really crazy, but because it is mine Me… well, I do not see, recognize, this special, personal in fact, still craziness. Maybe because I live with it since I can remember…

… do not know different life.

But still it is Me.

Mine Me is really complicated and in fact this Me is the only really feminine pieces in me, which I can describe so. It does not like my body, is a bit worry of time and gets crazy every month.


But I am trying to like it. This Me. Maybe not everything, but still trying to find pieces of me Me, and somehow love them even though they are not perfect, cute, awesome and mind blowing!

For example recently I have discovered, that I have really cool and big eyes! So I like them. And my hands!!!

They are small, but suit me. They are not hairy and not in a strange shape, do not itch or do not sparkle… what in fact could be fun!!!

And there come my feet.

I love them. Maybe they are small, and a bit hobbit style, but yeah not so hairy!!! This is cool. Hairy could be a problem. And this is fun to have to of them! Like hands. More could be a problem!!!

And my feet can do such strange things with toes!!!

Well everyone is gifted in doing something crazy… or strange? And did you notice, that in fact not boobs but feet may be the sexiest part of a body? Especially when they are sooo naked!!! Or in a cute socks!!!

Yeah, I love socks! I adore them… shoes are not so important like socks! Nice, comfy, soft and funny! Blue funny!

I can put my tongue in my nostrils! Yeah! OK I will not show you this maybe… may be really too strange!

So my ears… here is only one, I do have the other one too, but need to take a photo! So maybe later I will show you the other one too… it is in fact very similar to this one, also silverisch, like twins.

Sooo… how is your Me doing today?

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