People often ask: Why do You paint? How did it start?

It is time for some answers…

I started to paint, because I fell in love. Fell in love with an Island – Bornholm. Earlier I felt lost, I was depressed, could not understand why I was born in a wrong place of the world. And then, suddenly I met Her. An Island. My Goddess. My Mother and Creator. Finally here I found out, that I can be who I really am. I do not have to be ashamed. I can believe in this what I believe. I can wear what I like to wear… and I can feel so much more than ever… than I ever could.

For years I was trying to change my life and move on Bornholm. To be here, not just be in love… And finally it succeeded. My paintings, but also my written stories, talk about my long journey. About this how it started. How I found out, that the place in which I was born is not my HOME.

How I finally could breath the magic, nature… be free.

And feel free.

Breath free, think free… finally create!

But it is also a story of meeting Someone. Someone so old and so wise, so surprising. Beautiful and amazing. Giving but also wanting something back. And in fact I will do anything for Her.

She is all I have… She inspires me, and make me full of ideas.

She is my Goddess.


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