YAY! Monsters attack!!! :)

Galleri Kobaltowa Wrona kindly wish to inform, that was attacked by a cute cute cute monster…

Please all meet my new friend Leaf-Jefferson from Monsters Etc.

He is such an amazing fellow! Can not stop touching him. Well, it was freaking cold, but he survived! Now is sitting in a jar with cookies.

You can only hear him!!! ♥

And of course already had a small journey in my brushes!

Always when the postman comes, I am thinking… do You know what is inside of this so very cute looking package? LOL

So innocent! Small and white… and with this amazing exotic stamp?

Just look!

So cute packed, and with a lovely letter!

And this cute ID!!! I am melting!!! I love him!

I definitely want one more!!! Was thinking about 3 of them: Horatio and Tess and Anderson!!! OK I love all of them! They are amazing – and I have birthday on MARCH!!! Who wants to be my Santa? I have a list including: monsters and moon raven and owl amulet from Spirit of Old.

Yeah I am crazy…

But I am always wandering, what the people on a post office think when they open my letters to check them!

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