I am always amazed by Nature.

See, from one side it is so every year, it just happens… but colors, lights, darkness and plants, they can amazed me every time again and again and again… I can find something new always! Something new in something so familiar!

Herbs are ready, spells are done…
Imbolc will come and bring some fun.
Lights are dancing, powers on,
come on, come my sweet reborn!

I do need this Imbolc power. I can already feel it coming. Have created a few amulets, and closed protecting and love spells in a tiny, sweet bags 🙂

This is a magical time!

Here are dragon spells, and…

… a love spell with an amulet which will help the owner find the right one…

a piece which will help to protect the home (for sale 100DKK)

Amulet for finding inner strength, to believe in powers which are waking up inside… to give her more self confidence…

And here is a Crow. My first, came out in fact… I do not know how, but connects all 4 powers and some metal feeling… amazing pendant 🙂

My Island needs some good vibrations!!!

Here is my tiny altar for Imbolc… and I did these pieces by myself! YAY me!

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