What can art do?

“I will not tell You that my paintings and other creations will change Your life.
They will not create miracles,
they will not make things not happen…
but they will touch Your soul, check Your mind,
and show You more inside of Yourself!
They will help You breath,
they will make You smile.
They will remind You of this awesomeness which You have hidden inside!
They will make Your life more colorful, more open to the nature and free!
They will protect Your dreams and learn You sometimes… fly.”

Well, my paintings can make Your life more colorful, can inspire You to create or be just fun for empty walls. The magic which connects with them is so simple – when I paint I can easy feel something what leads my hands. Come and join my world, let me step into Yours!!!

Let Yourself to have art inside!!!

Something one and only!!!

I have 2 new paintings!!! and now I just need to rest, refill my powers!!!

It is a story about a cobalt blue crow – the one and only, different than others, the one who has amazing dream… and about warm hug which She gave to a stranger…

“The Crow Hug” – is for sale now (acrylic painting, 30/30cm) 500DKK price includes shipping). This painting is really amazing. Looks simple, but has shades which only the owner will be able to discover. She will protect You, learn that being different is in fact FUN!!!

“Tree of life – Tree of souls” – is for sale now (acrylic painting, 30/30cm) 500DKK price includes shipping). This painting is really amazing. We all know stories about The One and Mighty Tree of Life, but do You know that he has a twin brother?

Tree of Souls?

This one is holding souls: the unwanted, is giving birth to fresh ones and refreshing the old ones, let them step on the Earth again. I painted it using shades of blue and green and a touch of silver, so it changes with light!

Both are for sale now. Remember about my other items, they do really want to spread magic all around! Wands and Dragonicus Bornholmus will be a good gift for You or someone You do like!

See my Etsy shop!!!

PS. And now remember Galleri Kobaltowa Wrona is protected also by Hestia’s Hearth!!! Thank You Kathy!!!

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