Sleep? no!

For me night is my time!!!

When I go to bed, I always take a pen and paper with me to write a story, or to write when I wake up in the middle of the night from amazing, maybe even scary, dream. Or just wrote down ideas brought by HER.

Lady of Night… Nyks-Nox is such an amazing Goddess! She was able to give birth without man, and in fact most people did not like Her. For me She is a pure creativity! This whisper, who wakes up the best ideas!

So I have created some new wands and magic items, You can see them here, witch prices – I need to eat, and have my medicines, people 😉 I need to survive somehow! Need a miracle maybe?

Good night! who can!!!

I am now happy with my new bear from Turquoise Village 🙂 by Jeff Eriacho! Amazing one. You know I love them, now have 3 thanks to KATHY 😉 Love Ya!!! Earlier where made by Leland Boone!

Must say this piece is stunning but also soooo cute!!! Love all creations on Turquoisevillage page, but fetishes are for me the most amazing ones (and free shipping 🙂 which takes a week or max 2 weeks to get to me!!!).

My dream? To have one day a piece by Saul Yuselew. Maybe because I do also have problems with eyes, do not know, but find His work very amazing.

And here a piece by Leland Boone – because I was born on March! and because this one touched my heart!

… and my first one! good to remove pain, also by Leland Boone!

Bear is my totem animal, next to the Grandmother Crow!!!

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