The End is always a new start!!!

So, we went for a walk, to say Thank You to our Island and to share some wishes… Went to The Watcher, a strange shaped stone and a stone circle almost touching the sea. And when I asked, was waiting for a response, for some hope for 2012; I turn back and found this tiny flower in a frozen green.

So amazing…

It must be good!!!

The flower in this white frozen green, was so beautiful… but there was something more! Horses!!!

Saw them for a first time!

Also took new photos of wands, and a new one – Torch!

It is a big piece for Imbolc, the one who holds the light on every path You choose. Two big milky crystals, a yellow feather and a dark seed for some balance between the light and darkness. And the branch is shaped in a woman… the Goddess holding two rocks, the only one who can see through darkness and light. Really amazing branch.

More info here!

Did You know, that 2012 is a Chinese Year of The Water Dragon! It must be my year… and I just found this piece 🙂 Just will put stones in holes, make eyes and add him wings and a big crystal on the back… and he will fly. Fly int the new year. To protect someone. To fight for him on every surface of live. To help fee stronger, secure and free! I will add some runes to protect, just in case 😉

And… For the end, we found a green stone 🙂 For luck and cash!!! LOL

And number 2 – I WON!!!! I am so happy, Thank You Kasia!!! Awesome Wands of Transformation!

And my CROWS were with me all the time!

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