Fire inside

There is fire inside me. Big, complicated, dancing and singing… a bunch of flames, so full of emotions! This is why sometimes I need to burn something 😉

Now making more runes 🙂 This one will be a pendant. Strong amulet, created from amazing piece of driftwood, with this special softness and so strong also, with amazing shapes on the other side, but here with burnt Hagalaz rune. My favorite. The gate to Your subconscious.

Amazing nature and me 😉

And this piece… look at Her. Face of a lady, and boobs 🙂 Whole Goddess in one piece 🙂 Her mouth are open, head is on a shoulder 🙂 and there is also a piece of Men inside of her. 2 in 1 🙂

A gift for my Husband – Thorshammer 🙂

Need more? Well, here is a link to my newest creations 😉 Call me if You need me 😉

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