11.11.11 and after

Well… I do not know how people can feel bored. Just do not know how, because there is so many things to do, to learn, read, write, paint, create…

Just do not know 😉 I am always busy! And love it!

The Winter is so close, because my awesome passage is open again. When the crows remove most of their nests, and leaves are leaving… this gate opens! Pure magic just for me!

So on 11.11.11 I have decided to paint something special…

… and created a tree 😉

You can buy it here 😉 It is a very special “A Tree of an Autumn Life” – as every part of the year has its ups and downs, special colors and spirits around, so there is a tree protecting every one of them. This one is so warm, but also strangely frosty, simple, but promising.

Make a wish, a tree will always listen, and maybe make it true!

My first awesome Wishing Wand is almost finished, it will be called a “Hecate’s Scepter” – for the “heka” as a magical power (Egyptian mythology) and Hecate from Greece. One Goddess in 3 dimensions 😉 It will be wild and crude, full of natural magic. With black top and some natural fibers.

Went painting 😉 and creating… love and kisses!

And here is my already Christmas Tree 😉 with some special wishes!

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