Well, my Etsy Shop is open and waiting for You 😉 I have there paintings strange, different, almost unbelievable and very simple. But I do also have some needle felted demons, baskets and other.

Hope You like them 😉

In a Galleri KOBALTOWA WRONA there is a simple peace and quiet. Without cash I can not paint… so I am waiting to sell something. Have many ideas and inspiration… for example like this one 🙂 New cats visiting!!!

Very small and very hungry 😉

And some new inspirations from Knitting Dreams,

And from ABCrafts meet NAMAJN 😉 a crazy cat who eats my leftovers of paint 😉

and waiting for new guests from Kittypinkstars and Cuteandcreepy 😉 People are awesome!!! 🙂 Do You remember my new friends from Wonderful World of Forrestfairy or Gniffer’s Gnome? 😉 Inspiration for my last dragons and a little fairy? In fact everything and everyone can be an inspiration… Now it is time for something scary… so buy something, and I will make a big BOOOO 😉 and maybe buy something from YOU 😉

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