Fjällbacka architectural 10

It is… like they were chosen. Chosen to live here. To somehow create amazing, colorful place on those grey rocks.

Because there is no much color except that blue sky, colors of the sea, reflections… oh my, and all those sea creatures!

And roofs.

Green doors.

And those sheds… okay, I have a weird relationship with them.

Okay. I get it.

But still… you know me, I am all about blue.

Why and how, can a human being be so addicted to blue? so much, that even if I o not like something, when it is blue, it changes in my eyes!

I bet people can think the same about yellow… right?

And to make you smile, something really amazing. A lovely piece from one of the homes.

And an amazing top…

And walking up, the cutest garden ever. Oh my, people are so eager to use every piece of soil here. Really. And look at this not so… picket fence.

Totally white… so romantic.

And yes, of course, we are still in Sweden. LOL

Fjällbacka architectural 9

For some people home means nothing. They can live everywhere and in fact do not feel this weird need to have, own a piece of land, those bricks, stones, roof, windows, doors and call it mine.

My castle.

My precious.

I dream about one… this is why I am so obsessed about homes, house, buildings…

But could I live here? With waters hitting my floor?

Or here? Too small? But what a view!!!

And all those colors.

Tiny windows will keep me warm during winter… or not.

But what about a shop? Only fishing? Nope…

I need a roof.

And a church more far far far away.

And more loneliness.

And space of course.

But could I live on a tiny rocky island? I mean really tiny!!!


Or maybe not?

Or maybe I live on one. Perfect one. Which I love so much!

Fjällbacka architectural 8

Yeah… so of course here everything is about the sea. Okay and the rock, but still, the sheds. Amazing little buildings coming in fact from younger to older.

Some accommodated to be a summer homes some still only for fishing purposes.

And some…

Are so magical.

Look at those windows, how many fish they saw?

And how many people did not think how dangerous the sea can be…

And what about fishing?

I mean really?

Look at this old wood. How much it saw.

How many hands touched it? How many beings trusted it…

How many tears sunken into it? How many stories? How many lovely aromas of baked fish, fish stew or maybe even something more fancy?

And how…

… how the heck it is still holding on? I mean really! Look at those rocks? More like plates? More like a wish: please stand up, I will not dance inside. Please stand up, I will not have bumping sex or running inside… please, stand up!!! LOL

Fjällbacka architectural 7

The sea is here. In the air, when you look behind you, between the houses. Between the walls, reflecting in the windows…

It is here.

But still, we are talking about houses. Homes. Villas.

Or just those red shade like pieces which are so huggable.

About steps which hide all those amazing views.

But still… this redness. I think this is the only shade which is not making you angry. It makes you feel better. Weirdly better.

Comfortable even.

Like this shade was the one you always knew.

But still… there is this house and somehow you wanna just move in. Even if there is no big garden and trees…

Even though…

You just wanna move in…

Can I?

Please?!!! Wait, not this tiny one!!! Although it is so cute!

So adorably sweet!!!

Fjällbacka architectural 6

The presence of the rock is overwhelming. You somehow know it is She. Mighty She who rules this places. The Goddess, but only if she cares for it, because mostly… he does not. Because she can choose.

Old enough to know it.

Old enough to fuck it.

Having green door, because red or blue is too common…

“Paint door red
bad things will go weck.
Paint door blue
miracles will come true.
Paint door green
everything can happen
everything goes booo…” Ch. Jones

Or smart sign… just because.

Be red, be white, be funny.

Or just care only about roofs. Because why not? Roofs are crucial!

And flowers.

And the sky… a bit of it.

And maybe some home jewelry? Is there in fact something like it? Does pots with flowers count? Wind-chimes?

And what about windows?

I mean really? What about them? Watching, regretting what they saw, but still watching, because they are so obsessed about both sides. Inside and outside… but what is in fact what?

Fjällbacka architectural 5

Yes, one more.

There will be one more even, probably.

And even more. Why? Because it is a mighty, complex structure, which shows us how humans and a mighty rock can live together.

Imagine living by this rock. Yup, in few places it is a bit tided up. A bit wrapped, a bit even covered with nets. Scary a bit…

But look also at all those details. Like from fairy tales.

Walking through those streets, narrow and full of tourists around the season… it is awesome. Although without bunch of people much better. LOL

But not many notices house. Roofs and windows.

Oh yes, and it is my secret love. I fall in love with this red palace year ago.

Look at this thin tower, windows, at this redness. I wanna live there!!! At least for some time. Please!!!

Okay, I am obsessed.

I am obsessed with those clean lines. Cohesive structure. Calmness…

Windows watching the sky…

PS. I woke up, came to the terrace doors and there was a hare talking to a magpie… I mean really. She flew away and he looked at me and then slowly jumped out… I bet there is some conspiracy involved. Truly cared now. LOL

Fjällbacka architectural 4

Cottage next to other cottages. Older, younger, bit more posh, less posh. Always still holding this Scandinavian, amazing vibe.


They look at each others windows. They reflect themselves in glassy surfaces and maybe even check their make ups?

How is my paint? Dry enough? Aged? Or maybe I should change my colors?

How do you think?

Seeing from far away…

Very far away…

Hidden humans and secrets. Maybe even wardrobes full of skeletons. Because… they can. And they do not care what you think about them.

They are proud of this who they are and that they are still… alive.
Always with this amazing flag.


I hear them calling me: meet me, nope, me first. Me is blue, come to me, you love blue, right… you are so mine!!!

Fjällbacka architectural 3

Red and white… fighting but also knowing its space.


I wanna touch them, cuddle, but do not want to destroy this quiet amazingness. And be a nasty intruder!!! I do not want to feel us one unwanted here. I wanna be the one worshiping. Just because.

I am weird.

And I love homes.

Cottages, buildings, apartments.

Older, new, fresh and touched by ages.

With mystery windows and hidden doors.

Those so open and those a bit shy…

But all this whiteness… is sometimes a bit churchy. A bit like first communion time. A bit too holy even.

Still, I want it all!!!

This bloody redness too!

I want them all. To love them, hold them, cuddle them!

I want to come back there. And if you all miss the sea, remember there is a movie on my YouTube LOL

Fjällbacka architectural 2

I think often about people who decided that this place must be their home. About those rocks being so fresh, in fact not so long ago they were under water!

And then then creating this space.

Deciding to live side by side. No gardens, no trees, only rocks in fact and the sea. Wen we go deeper, you can find rather young still, woodland, and a park, but trees are not here something normal.

Well… it is simple.

No soil, no trees. But still some of them managed to grow… strong bastards. Love them! Rebels!!!

Still people try to make every piece of architecture bight, clean and colorful.

So instagramable! LOL

Cute above everything!

Like dolls houses, like something what n fact should not exist in this evil, full of violence world. Something refreshing you mind, reminding you what is important. Very important… a home.

You can feel those windows watching you. Asking questions, wanting to talk, needing interest, or just being noisy.

Or wanting to show off?

Or maybe it is all about love? Those roofs touching each other. It must be love, right? Must be!!!

Fjällbacka architectural 1

Colorful, artistic, clean, wooden… sometimes a bit more ascetic than most people like it. Too white, too red maybe, too… Simple even, but sometimes so surprising. With all those little bites.

I mean really.

This place is small.

Tiny even. With a huge harbor and many tiny island in a sight…

Still homes are here still… normal people living too.

I mean, I think so… you all know that crime stories writer who is killing them… see, I still think there is something. Something more.

Something unspoken even. LOL

And with this empty church. Such not important…

… everything is so different.

Sooo… micro even.

And that witch on a broom, wearing pointy hat, can you see her?

I can.

I am in a good place. LOL