I love winter

Sooo yeah, I love winter. It is time to just come out from my white closet and admit it. I love winter! I even love autumn, and I am not talking about this colorful, warm time, nope, I am talking about grey and rainy. About this time which most of people call depressing or ugly even…

I love it!!!


Yup, I love it. I love the rain, and how grey makes all those mossy things jump out in colors, and I love this that I am not sweating like now! Heat kills me. Really kills me. Of course I love swimming, but still it is better when the air is cooler. Yup, water is cold, but still, much cleaner…

Oh yes, and snow… do I have to tell you why I love snow? Why I could just sit and watch it, smell it,eat it – yes not yellow one, OMMI! Not yellow!!! LOL But this feeling, okay, I hate myself when me makes snow melt. When my skin or breath just kills it. So depressing… so nasty from me! I am hardly dealing with it.

Really… I feel like a nastiest witch, killing… what is cuter than snowflakes? What? Fluffy bears? Yup, bears are cute, but not snow cute, more like: I can eat you cute! So what? Killing pink babies? I think you do know that I do not fancy kids and kittens! Yup, sorry, nasty me witch! OMMI! LOL

Sooo, I love winter, did I mention that?

PS. And nope, i do not say: I need something warm, when minus weather comes!


Calm down

I hate when people say it… Calm down, do not be scared, be happy! Don’t you all think that if I could, I would choose being: sick, in pain, frustrated or feeling unwell? How do you think? How can you say someone… just do not. Just stop?

Nowadays all beings, especially on social media are those, who know better. I know better how you feel I know better how you SHOULD feel!? I know better. I know the whole world, I just…


All I wanna do is sometimes smack those human beings, but nope… I can not, right, because it is social media and… we are so civilized… I hate that world! Civilized? Does it mean weaker? Unable to protect family, to smack someone calling my gird a whore? To just act? To just let those feelings go?

Calm down… do not worry about others, just stop feeling at all… Oh yes, and people do not get sarcasm too. Is it like with writing, I mean handwriting? Is it lost forever?

Calm down… people do not listen anymore, put TLDR if they see a post bigger than two verses. What is wrong with the world? Am I the only one who has some pencils always by her side and paper, notebooks and just some post it? Maybe I am. Oh well, this is okay, I can live with that, so why the world can not?

Why we do not let the emotions go through this chronological line: start, middle, slowing down, feeling just tired? Maybe really movies are better, maybe we all should be just vlogs, because people do not read anymore, or just… do not get it, what they read?

Maybe… calm down.


Red sea

For the first time…

I mean really like a virgin…

I saw a red sea. Yeah, not that Red Sea, only my sea, my lovely, soft velvet sea… got red! Something between purple, rusty red and deep redness mixed together. So amazing, and so scary also. A bit like after sharks had their meals or something like that.


Or maybe plagues of Egypt are here…

“When Pharaoh persisted in his refusal to: liberate the children of Israel, Moses and Aaron warned him that G‑d would punish both him and his people. First, the waters of the land of Egypt were to be turned into blood. Moses walked with Aaron to the brink of the river. There Aaron raised his staff, struck the water, and converted them into streams of blood. All the people of Egypt and the King himself beheld this miracle; they saw the fish die as the blood flowed over the land, and they turned with disgust from the offensive smell of the sacred river. It was impossible for them to drink of the water of the Nile, far-famed for its delicious taste; and they tried to dig deep into the ground for water. Unfortunately for the Egyptians, not only the floods of the Nile but all the waters of Egypt, wherever they were, turned to blood. The fish died in the rivers and lakes, and for a whole week man and beast suffered horrible thirst. Yet Pharaoh would not give in.”

Yes, of course I am aware of volcanoes explaining it, but still…

There was something prophetic in this…


Scary even, or maybe… just cool? Or maybe the sea is a lady and was… menstruating? OMMI! I mean really, this is not the way I wanna sea my space like! Or maybe there is a new diet in the world which is based on… beetroots?

Oh please, can someone take those weird thoughts away from me!!! LOL


Hot hot hot

Sooo hot here! I heard that even UK got some? Is it true?

HOOOT! I mean really hot. I bless my tiny world for air condition. Even if I can not afford to put it often, in days like this one it is on! Of course that as usual I forgot to check the button, and it was on HEAT, but still…



My paint is not okay with this weather, not me either, so… I just sit and think. Think too much. Too many ideas, not enough time.

You know what is super funny? Danmark is expecting rain and cool weather. People are depressed. But of course Danmark means not my Island, not Bornholm. As usual, we got a lot of heat! We got figs here! I really think we have some weird volcano here, or hot springs, or something like that. Or a hot dragon… very hot!!!

So… how is your heat going? LOL I miss winter! Or autumn at least!!! LOL


One orange field

Sooo… I love fields. Okay, love meadows and woods, but all those surprising fields are recently something I am crazy about. Few days ago I met a field full of calendula. Amazing, fat, rich…


It looked like an orange sea! Or maybe a lovely moist smashing swamp. It was such a surprise, driving through green fields and light brown one, sunny fields and shady fields and suddenly this…


And then this!


So many stories in simple fields. So many ideas and inspirations… it is just so cool to walk around and find such pearls… So normal miracles, so for everyone, so missing by those riding around. Why people do not stop anymore and breath it? Why they do not stop and just sink in those colors?


Or maybe they are just too ordinary? Even those tiny orange babies? Am I the only one who got speechless? And the only one who almost cried when touched them? Am I THAT weird? Or that simple?



Sooo… do I PokemonGo? Well, I get it nobody believed me that I have no phone. Not even one person gets it, okay, got to be true if nobody believes in it, right? The world is always correct me never?

But to be true… I do Pokemon!

Let see… from time to time I am bloated. I can be really puffy and stinky and I can blow out! I can be a swearing baby or just a quiet but deadly. I can also, when really pissed, hit you wit a venom from my eyeballs.

So I do Pokemon, right? I am one of them!!!


I am one of them! LOL

I am an islandic one. Easiest to find in my own cottage, or in the woods. Eating salads, because I love them, and veggies and chocolate! Yup, complicated to raise, to feed and to put some clothes on it, this is me! I got to have a book, at least one around me, and a bear, also at least one… and some standing stones, stone carvings, something old, and one brush. I can do stuff with one surprisingly.

I can kill both with sarcasm or laughter… or just be so sad, that you will smash yourself with a nearest tomato, or maybe a rotten egg? That could be more deadly, right?

But the best thing is… I love to hide! So, if you catch me, this will be a load of simoleons. Or whatever that cash or points are called in this PokemonGo. Whatever! Still, if you try to touch me, or hit with your ball, that will mean a war… the one I am winning and you are running away loosing not only your religion, but also yummy pieces of your soul, and bloody of your body…

WTF is everyone about PokemonGo? Can’t you all just go for a walk and find something cool around? Or more like, just go out without WIFI? Think about it… there are creatures around you which can be seen only with your phone, your eyes can not see them, but they are here, they watch you when you pee… isn’t that scary? LOL



Of course we hear about them because of media. Of course they are so often. So many of them, everyday… Internet will inform you about every disaster, but still… it hurts so physical. Why do we feel sad when it did not in fact touched us. Or our families? Why do we morn when not involved personally?

Because we are humans?

Or maybe there is something more?


I can not imagine, okay I do not want to imagine, the pain people in Nice feel right now. I do not want it. But still… because of social media it affected all of us. We do not want to be unhappy, sad or in pain, unless we are masochists, so why? Is it only just to show support, or we want to be a part of it?

Or maybe all those questions should not be asked?

Sorry, tiny piece of anthropologist in me needs some answers.

Why people, recently or was it always, like disasters? Somehow cover themselves with them, prefer them from good vibes? I knew those who watched news for a whole day, every day of their lives. What for? Were they unable to admit humans are not the best choice for this planet, or maybe they liked it… or were okay because it did not happen to them? And those who do it… I mean those who kill, hurt… sorry but I always ask: how they have time to plan it? I mean really, I do not have kids, I got one husband, books, science and art and I am done! I do not have time or will to plan something nasty.

I am already tired thinking about it…

So why?

Am I scared of the world? Come on! I am in total hiding, on a small Island, how do you think? Of course I am. Bunch of people is one of my rooms in my privet hell!

So why? Why people need to hurt other people…



Waves of mood, waves of feelings… waves… and more waves.

For the first time I was standing in the sea with huge waves. OMI I am still sore. But do not regret it. It was amazing. The sea was thick and oily, smelled fantastic and the sand pilled everything unwanted from my skin…

Painfully maybe, but well… spa included!


But the most striking was the power of the waves. Hitting, joining, usually three in time, white up, deep blue and turquoise down. Clean, but also with seaweeds. So rich! So fat. Of course swimming was impossible, but letting myself be a part of so called “angry sea” was precious. One and only…

Of course I stayed on the safe sand, far from stones and where waters are not deep… and let the seaweeds and sand get everywhere, I MEAN IT everywhere in my body. Of course most of tourist run away because there were clouds on the sky. Of course I had all the beach only for myself…



Something cool…


Something made of wood and perfect for my photos.


Something sweet by plad!


I bought those beauties for my photos. Still got to wait to take them… it is to windy for such tiny pieces LOL


I refuse!!!

I refuse to see it, and that, and I am not interested in this either! Nope, not for me, thank you… if you keep pushing it into my space, I will start to scream. This is my right. We still have some kind of freedom here? Right?

Or maybe I am wrong…

Tell me? Did someone ordered us all to see the world as they? And who are they? WTF?!!!

This is why I do not watch, have or whatever TV, Since… oh my, ages.


Sooo… what is with this freedom. Is it still on? I mean that button, on right? So if I do no harm with myself overthinking everything, I can do it, right? Or maybe my brain hurts those no brainers? Maybe a working brain is an insult for zombies?


WTF!!! Thinking is suddenly politically incorrect?

Suddenly the world can not accept an artists using a lot of white paint? Because his art is… too white? Suddenly we do not look for more answers, look for pain in those pictures, but we are ready to judge… the paint? Of course it is a metaphor…

I just do not get it. Sports like boxing, and fighting… why to punch someone if you have no reason to do it? Really! I refuse to get it! If someone pisses me, I wanna punch him. I do it or not, this is on me. But waiting and creating plans to kill his own family? What a waste of time!!! People! Read, create, have fun… stop wasting time for violence.

Violence is an answer only when you have PMS and someone is taking your last chocolate! Yup… sorry! It is only then LOL Of course I am talking about this special kind of violence, when everyone suddenly thinks that it is okay… to kill.


Food market!

My Island is small. Yup, we do not have fancy things and all those shops, nope. No huge centers no shopping galleries. Nope. Nothing. We do have one bigger place where you can find something more, like clothes and all that stuff, and yeah you can buy a car here, but… nothing more. And yeah it looks probably like this where you do your everyday shopping, like bread and butter…

But today ends an amazing Food Market. European one. Full of Italian stuff and French and British… they had fudge people! There were cookies and waffles from Belgium and stinky yummy cheeses! One was with cornflowers… and you know what, watching it and nomming was like vacation. For few hours.

No passports needed!


The funniest thing was… there were beautiful pieces of Finland, cool sweaters, but no polish food?! Not at all and they had only one sea to go! No idea why, no pierogi or kiełbasa or… oscypki! No idea why they did not join this amazing bunch of people, food and Italian shoes driving around Europe. Nope… no idea.

Well, they had metal toys. Really cute but not edible, and… this was suppose to be a food market, right? Still, all that stuff reminded me of awesome diversities between us all. Different languages, different cultures, different food… different passions. I like different! I wanna go to Africa and see African shops not some USA brands! I wanna see reindeer in Finland and polar bears alive and free. I think I have some weird kind of OCD… when you just want everything be on its places. Why I can not buy stuff made on my Island on my Island? WTF? Why we make electricity and give it to somebody else?! Why? On last power shortcut lovely white wings were running, but still we had no power?!!!


Still… food markets are awesome! We need more! LOL