So here is second one very special place with rock carvings. Very special, very hot, because in fact it is totally open space, almost naked rock with paths and without them, because most of people visiting Vitlycke Museum is over them…


… they should regret it. It is amazing. Much bigger, much different. Much more fancy, rich and stunning. There are still pieces before paint, and those still not cleaned up. Because in fact under this grass, there is more.


More of amazing.


More of archaeology and history. Or just carvings and graves… or just life.


And death.

PS. The cool thing is… there are everywhere those wooden steps or boxes which you can climb on and look at this everything from above.


When I first was able to touch those rocks, so smooth, so much different than those on my Island – touching the rocks not carvings – it amazed me with its softness and this feeling of warmth coming out from it.


This power, which was only getting stronger because of this red paint helping people seeing the past. The symbols. So complex. So ready to tell all stories about the hunters, and those who loved this land. About those who lived here, died, had families, worked, maybe even ere a bit grumpy? Or they loved jokes and dances?


Of course it is all about sun too.


And this heat coming from above is really suiting it. I just can not stop watching it. Trying to find out what is this or that, and show to combine one with another? I want my own theories, I will not be happy with other dissertations.



The first huge part is just hurting my brain. All those ideas are bubbling there, cooking and spinning my insides…


And this water. I know t is damaging them, but it looks so appropriate.


Of course you get all about them and guidelines, but I encourage you to just think by yourself. To have ideas and visions.


They are here also to tell you about the people…


and everything else.


But I am here for carvings. And those untouched are melting me totally. Just look. Do you know how hard it was to create it just with a stone and all this poking and your wife telling you that you have no time for your family, and that she wants another cow and… Oh come on. It could be so. Or maybe only ladies were here to make those more detailed. More… swirly?


Because we see the world differently. Men and women.


Dancing around the sunny disc. Believing that it brings life, but also being aware it can give you death.


And the one I came for…

Yes, I keep saying it, but in fact, you got to see more of them, get the whole context. You can not just take one piece and create a theory. This is what archaeology is all about. Even if we are talking about stone carvings. About details combined together. About humans of the past in fact glued from pieces of ceramic, stratigraphy, beads, flint, or treasures. Or mostly just darker places in your trench.


Vitlycke art

Do you still see it? Art in those carvings? Are you able to recognize the meanings behind those boats, ships, animals, circles and human like creatures?

Are you?


Do we still see beauty and hard work in it? Or because it has no label it is not art. Because it is in fact priceless and for everybody, it is not important fun? I see people looking at those carvings and in fact just marking something they have been too, something to tag on Facebook or Instagram. Nothing deeper… even this amazing nature, those rocks and spring in those leaves. So green that it hurts…


Here we are. In front of Vitlycke Museum they are. The most famous one…


Huge, telling stories.


And look at this nature around. Fresh, springy. Those birches with their leaves so neon green, the sky so blue…


Here it is.

Starts tiny, and then is huge. Is mysterious but also so obvious if you think about the waters around you. Waters so close hundreds years ago.


Boats. Humans…



And even more.

You wanna quarrel that it can be Neolithic art not Bronze Age but in fact something else matters… to preserve it.


It matters. To never forget.


After this flat rock we go up… between young trees, between trees… so friendly trees, such an empty, full of birds, environment.


And this green.

Oh my, it makes me jump, it makes me sweat too because even if we are now here in the north, so called, it is hot. I mean summer hot! I am sweating!!!


But it is closer. The graves. Two of them. On the top, watching, or just put here to be visible?


Imagine it… many people bringing rocks, preparing it, creating, feeling it… and now I can see from here huge white discs?


SETI? Is it still on?


These graves are just amazing. We have them shaped like this, but so much smaller here on my Island. So much tinier. But still respectful.


Both of them.


And this view! Imagine it ages ago… no homes, just few cottages. People feeling free in nature. People just being themselves.


What would they say seeing us now? combined, tided between internet, news, corporations… not free at all. With weird religions.

Weird thoughts and dreams.


Vitlycke Museum

I was expecting nothing. Decided to not to look to much, to not use google maps… just to have some surprises. Of course I knew the carvings, I am working with them almost every day, but the rest…

I wanted a surprise!


And I had it! First the museum. Just a building. Seeing from a distance.


Geometrical, simple. But also a bit so… sacral? Not a church more like a cult site. Simple, but also adequate. You know you are in a special place. You just know it. So… let’s get inside.


It is a hot day, so inside is also hot, sorry. But this gift shop! OMMI!!!


I can not go there now, must be an adult at least for a moment. I need to see the stuff! And it is… small but amazing.


Rich and surprising.


But also… just about bronze age.


And carvings…




Here is a place… a large round bed, where you just lie down, and look up… and maybe my movie still has problems with sound, but look at it. Slowly… imagine this music plays all the time. Just all around.

Just look here is the link.


And now let’s go back in time…


It was au naturell. You know, no smartphones, no electricity, no Facebook and only talking, fire, wilderness and sex.


Oh yes.


And this what I came for… everywhere. When you work with symbols, somehow they become so everywhere, so always and forever. Living without them is unreal. And people not noticing them… are weirdos!


Or maybe I am weird, because they are so obvious to me. Such an obvious way to communicate. But the best thing is… this museum and this village, in fact they are real. They are like pumping up chronology of this site. You just feel here them… the ancestors. Those who lived here…


Worked here. Lived and died here.


Tried to survive.


And had their believes. Simple, natural like everything what surrounded them.


Oh yes… sexy, right?


Or maybe just natural and normal? We do not like this word nowadays, but for them procreation, ability to create life was something…


But mostly to survive.


Yes, now people call it cruel. Forgetting about people using in fact everything from an animal they were haunting for hours, goodies they gathered…


Calling them cruel is a stupidity…


Read more, learn more. Be more homo sapiens sapiens. Yes we are with 2 sapienses. Or maybe we should be, but we are forgetting about brains? Maybe this is why movies about zombies are so popular?

More or less, this little one was with us for a long time. I bet for this creature we were weirdos.

PS. Of course I had fun in a gift shop! Just go there and have it too!!!



Ingrid Bergman, Camilla Läckberg.

Oh yes, they are here. Ingrid Bergman used to live here when coming to Sweden and Camilla, well, she was born here, and keeps killing people living here. LOL I mean really… in her crimis!!! I read few of them, and now standing on those paths and roads, keeps getting weirder and weirder. This city is so empty! Maybe she killed all of them already? Maybe I was not informed?


Still… we got red huts and awesome – I got no idea how they are called – but looking cool. You know, those wooden poles. And of course the sea.


The mighty sea.


Amazing sea and scary sea. It is sunny and hot, I would love to take a swim, but those white ladies… are too spooky. And painful, I bet!


And then suddenly a starfish comes from the sky. Luckily – thank you Mrs. seagull, not on my head, or my arm, or me at all. But such a huge starfish? And we are on the north! I get it: currents and warmer seas, but still…


So crazy.


And so cool.


So calm, and smells differently than mine sea, but looks so… much more deeper and more scary. I do not know why, but those green blobs which I can sea from this harbor, small islands full of huts and boats… scares me.




The whole city is just adorable. Full of tiny, cute details.


Even post boxes are cute.


And look at this home!!!


I bet there is many artists but they are not so visible like on my Island. Or maybe they just disappeared? Or maybe will reappear with summer?


Or maybe crayfishes ate them all.


You know, as a revenge for this! Maybe…


Still, I go up. Because of course Fjällbacka surrounds a huge rock. Or rocky mountain. Will I go up? Will I gather all my strength and hide my fears and go up… oh my, why I had to choose the harder way? Why I always do it?


Oh yes, because of this.


Views. Oh my, I am on a top of the world! And it is hot and I forgot to take my backpack with me because it was suppose to be on;y a short trip. I should learn already, that it never is. I need water!!! Help!!! And my battery in a camera is dying…



Will this church, forgotten and in fact not saint at all to my not smoking skin, help me? Nope, but the shop will. Oh well… If you want a nice trip, find this on a map, google this place, come and have fun!!!



Strange place.


In fact you drive here sooo long, that it – city – appears so suddenly. And smells like rivers. And mysteries. And stories. And new beginnings. All I can see are new buildings and few old cottages. Red little huts by the water, some boats…


And a white church, to which you can not just go, nope, you need a ferry! An amazing, big, 2 minute ferry! Yellow and orange, and where everything is surrounded by the setting sun, by the rays and this deep light, somehow you feel weirdly not in place. Lonely. There is no people. Few cars waiting for a ferry.


And we two… just being curious.


2 minutes and we can touch the church and think how it was years ago… because now Hamburgsund is just a building place ready to be filled with new homes and cottages. All made from wood. Almost all of them only for those coming here for summer. A bit lonely, a bit sad. I turn around and all I see is rocks, some water and boats.


Where the heck am I?


The sun is setting and the darkness here is like at my Island.


Deep and quiet.

And only sea monsters are singing… and when the bright and really hot day comes, everything looks so differently. So still not alive, but more like a place ready to be filled with wives from Stepford.


I mean really.


Still empty, few more cars. Still quiet. I like quiet, but this quiet is like after the Mighty Kraken eaten all the humans, just because he so wanted to try the white meat. It is beautiful, but not wild anymore. It is a huge construction site. New buildings so wanna grow up, and fill this what was a nice emptiness, wet and wild.


It sucks.



I remember Sweden…

… free country with people running around naked. I mean in waves, whole families so free, so different than middleeuropean me. With strict rules and all that stuff. I remember Sweden, where people wanted to run away to. i remember, but I do not see it now. Now I see rules. Wooden homes and wooden people. I am warned because there is so many thieves and we should not react if an accident happens, because it can end deadly for us. I remember, I gt my rules, so I help someone with his dropped coin, older person, with hands full… and suddenly I feel, I done something wrong. I feel them watching me. I know I acted differently. Weird.


Those people trust no one.


Wooden people, wooden homes, smooth rocks. No fields, only green meadows and birches everywhere. And those rocks. Huge, smooth rocks. A bit weirdly frighting me when I am driving the highway. South of Sweden is a bit more kindly for me. Somehow a bit more like my Island: free and wild. Here I feel lonely and scared. Even when we left the highway, and were driving thru simple roads, all those green walls… somehow was not right. There was no people. Few cars.

No elks!!!

And I need a moose!!!

And those wooden cottages, so pretty, some of them so red, and barns standing on… rock piles! Wobbly so. So red. Everything looks like just made or just destroyed. Waiting for someone to move in. Waiting for someone to make it a home? Or maybe all humans have disappeared? Maybe I was not informed about apocalypse? Because even in an apartment we will be staying, all I can smell is wood. And behind the house is a huge rock. I mean really huge one!!!

I am scared, but to tired to care for it, and too excited!



I know…

I promised you my whole journey and it will happen, prepare map of western Sweden: Hamburgsund – Bohuslän, Tanum and surroundings. It will happen, but first… I will tell you about something what I discovered.

It was not such a huge surprise, I know my Island is a jealous Lady, I know I saw pieces of the past which were amazing, stunning and breathtaking… I even touch the rocks, which where touched by people ages ago, but still, all I had in me was She. My Island. I was so crazy homesick, that even water burnt me!!!


How can it be possible?

I was following one of my dreams – part of my PhD – but still all I could do was thinking about Her. My Island. That this or that looks so similar, that it we have there, only smaller, that… She is better. Was it that umbilical cord which grew from me to Her, or more like from Her to me? Was it that weirdness in me, which is really one and only?

I mean really?

Am I lost without Her?

I really think it all happened because I found home… place where I feel wanted by rocks and nature, place which is stunning, place which do not harm me. Place which I freely call home, so… what do I need more? Of course traveling and touching all those ancient pieces was amazing, but still, I missed You! My Island!

Very much.

PS. I took few pieces of Her with me – my backpack was full of stones from my Island, still it was not enough. Not this time! Maybe it was too far away? Maybe 5 days is too long without Her? My home was so cold, and so sad. I could feel it when I came back… Cold not only because northern Europe is cold this time of year, surprisingly. I like cold, so sorry, but I am okay with it. And you know what? We spent 5 days up there, on the higher north and it was so hot for 3 days! Sunny and over 20C in a shadow!

Earth is changing climate… again.


Choose it…

Sooo, from time to time you choose a dream, and try to follow it.

Things may be hard or easy, you never know before you start. First choose it, then, just go. The sea may be a bumpy road, but you got pills for seasickness and music in your ears and you can watch those waves go up and down and down and up, and making holes? I mean really? I bet I saw a mermaid, or at least a tail. Okay, still your brain waves, because it knows you tried to trick him… yeah, I have a weird male brain LOL and moves inside of my head, what scares me, because it means there is a lot of place, and I may be a bit brainless? Oh my…


You learn new colors, new shades of grey, black, green and blue. You learn that they all suit together, they can mix but in fact they do not have to. Remember this. Do not try to write it down, every move makes your brain figuring out again, that you are on a ferry, and somehow, it remembers, and no pill can make him forget about it, sorry!!!

No way… he is smarter than me!


I will take to thru my another journey in few next blogs. Be prepared. And no worries, we will stay on a ground, in fact, more like a solid rock! LOL

Old one… ancient even, or maybe the one which just stepped from the sea…


Tree of Dreams

Maybe there is one… somewhere. If somewhere, I bet it grows on my Island… The Tree of Dreams. You know, the one producing seeds and fruits which fly all around the world, and bring dreams and ideas to people.


All those tickling thoughts you can not put somewhere and think about them later. You just can not. I bet some people are waiting for them with nets and baits. But how to call them? How to allure them? Maybe a song could help? Or a good meal placed on a terrace? Or maybe… so, how do you do it? Where your dreams come from? Or maybe they are born when nobody is looking, expecting, and of course, is ready for them? Maybe we got to be so unprepared… Oh yes, the best dreams and ideas come when u fall asleep, right? Oh yes, I know this pain.

But this tree… maybe I am right? If I find it, I will let you know! LOL



Oh yes, I had a weird dream again… about a train, with weird or more like interesting and special people in it. Which suddenly changed into two houses, and one of them was built from a nice, old red brick. Do you know this deep redness, carmine like of old bricks. When they were made with hearts of innocent souls?

Okay, kidding, come on!


So there was this train, and two homes, and the red brick one was covered in fresh, wild lilacs. I could smell them, I could play with them, I got no idea what was it all about, it had sense when I was dreaming, but them I woke up starting to think about my grandma and… crying. Sorry, but she and trains… See, ages ago, like 30 years ago and even more, trains were the only way to transport yourself from point A to B. I remember using them often, spending there hours, days even… and they were so full of humans. I mean stuffed with them. Still… you did not feel hate, or weird thoughts, all you had were cool conversations, and you could leave your kid for a moment, or even got sick and bot be worried, that someone would harm your kid. I remember once my so called mother got sick, very in a train, and they treated her with some weird stuff, and strangers were taking care of me. talking to me, feeding me… Oh yes, those days, when you could have a sandwich from a stranger… and in fact be okay!

I mean really!

I remember Girl With Glass Bottles… oh her mother was so posh and a Guy With A Magic Potion… in a paper bag, so for an adult me it is now obvious why he was so chatty. I remember so may stories, and eggs. Oh yes, hard boiled eggs were always a main menu when on trains… but on the end, in a total darkness of the night was my Grandma waiting for me with a huge scarf. And we were walking to her home, where I always felt safe… the only place.



My Island had them too!

We still have these buildings, now museums or just regular homes and railways leftovers… you can still hear it somewhere between the rocks and trees. You still can smell it. Oh my, do you know, that trains were slower and i fact sounded differently. Oh my, that was the best sound to meditate and fall asleep…

Calming, regular, normal… I miss You Grandma.