The last poppy…

I remember the times when they were everywhere.

I remember those wild and those which gave us poppy-seeds. 

I remember the fields of them and those dried heads making amazing music when it was windy, but then… people learned how to make drugs of them and nowadays you can not just have a field of big poppies.

Sad times.

Very sad.

But this one has a different story… and light. It was October… and almost everything around it was already withered…

And in fact it is one of those fake poppies.

Just put by the field to make them more attractive to bugs.

Not being a part of the field. Coming from a weird box…

But still… somehow so sentimental.

Maybe even too sentimental to me? Because it is so hard to find them during summer. I get it, clean wheat etc… but…

Something in me cries too loud.

Something in me lost the faith in everything. Because I know, that there is that one last poppy. One true… and if it will not have a tiny at least, chance to grow… we will loose them forever. Nothing biggy, right…

Just a flower.

Windy, windy…

Oh yes, it is soooooo… windy recently here.

Even too windy.

Those winds, in fact just air, started to be really psychedelic. Weird thoughts, no sleep, al those noises, whispers even…

It is everywhere!

But this is living on an island, right.

Simple, natural.


Because I read the story about Dorothy and I am so not into traveling in my home and not into walking to meet a weird wizard.

And killing a witch…

I mean, so not me!

But those wind, constant howling…

From the other angle, to be honest, quiet weather is so painful too.

So, how to explain it?

Me being hit in mind by windy, stormy weather?

But also not okay because it is not windy?

Yes, I am a woman.

Come on, not those stereotypes!!! LOL

In fact I know what I want!

I am that simple.


Okay, I am not, but when it comes to storms well… sometimes winds are giving me energy and sometimes they are just killing my mind!

I am aware that we are one with nature but still…

How to deal with it?

How to create?

Or maybe I will let the winds do the work.

Nope… no beans, no cabbage no peas or brussel sprouts here, at least recently LOL I swear!!! Blame others!

I am sure

I think I am sure…

What is weird, it may be the only thing which I am really sure in my life.

Really and truly.


That I do not get it.

I mean at all. From Black Fridays to women, wait womxn?

I do not get it. It must be the age or… me not watching TV. And trees really do not care that my fingernails are natural, same with hair and boobs. And my clothes are just black, washed cotton…

Luckily reflections do not mind either.

So grateful.

I can be so under dressed to meet them.

And worship them…

Sooo… why the modern world looks at me so weirdly? Or wait, they have a name for me too… someone called me a hipster, I do not think so… I am me. There is no someone like me. Two mes could be…

End of this world.

Trust me.

I am only me.

Laughing when someone told me what is now very fashionable… I wanted this type of clothes when I was an early teenager!!!

OMMI they were ugly and still are. LOL

Oh well…

Sooo… yeah, I do not get this world. And you know what. This world – humans – do not get me either. But nature do not mind. Trees only want your breath and no litter…

Flowers want to be planted, trees too.

Like my yule trees. All in pots as usual. Love them!

And you… Do you get this world?

The chain

I got those messages very often, that I made someone look at the world differently.

That now they are not bored during the traffic.

That… the world opened different possibilities, that someone is like… checking pieces of my photos and then trying to find something similar, and finally discover this what is the most interesting for them.

Leaves, trees or…

Crazy details.

And you know, okay, I get it, and I am so grateful for everyone reading and looking at my photos, but… I can not be so special. LOL Come on!

Come on!!!

Come on?

I am weird but… maybe it is all because I tend to be alone, I like it, I am fun for myself, I can entertain myself… although I love my Husband too and prefer him to be near always, sooo… how is it?

Am I a weird chain?

You know, bunch of personalities connected together…

Maybe some are hidden, some more visible, and some… broken…

But if they are okay and you pull…

More and more… you can check every one of them.

Be careful, be slow…

Or maybe do it quickly like with a bandage?

Or maybe only look at some which want to be looked at and leave the rest for later?

Because there is time for everything.

And some things better are to be left alone… PS. I love silver! If you missed that LOL But nope, this chain is only silver shade… pity.


You do not have to be a geologist to get excited with them.

Rocks, boulders, stones…

But mostly rocks. Whole, huge formations, picking from the blue sea.

Or keeping the colors in one place…

Look at the blue, discover some green, but most of all… the rocks.

Do you still remember that things can grow on rocks. That in fact tiny amounts of soil can be kept there and… create life.

Or just light and rocks.

So much to talk about when you know, that behind you is a huge crystal line.

So much.

And those colors and mermaids…

Yes, mermaids included.

Maybe bit weird looking, still mermaids. LOL

Trust me! LOL

Autumnal sea 2

And the surface…

It was blue. It was so pure and untouched.

Not like all those colors under it.

Reflecting the sky…

Or the green, grass leftovers…

Seaweeds which were like reborn again.

And those waving to us.

I mean, okay, I am aware they are just floating, but look closer… they are waving, and look at those shades, from yellow, through brown to red even…

So amazing.

Just a perfect picture.

With some things still being too magical to be even focused.

… truly.

Autumnal sea

This year, at least, the sea showed its beauty…

Autumnal one.

All those colors, shapes and shades.

Okay, maybe the smell was not the best, but worth it!

Seeing them, all this beauty… you take them off the water and they loose it. Loose shape, joyfulness, colors…

So let them… stink.

This is nature.

It changes. Comes from birth to… decomposing.


But all those colors. Oh my… reds and greens and yellows… and fluffiness. 

And on the other side…

Oh yes, there is more,

Cleaner and still that but now different. More or less? Who cares, I wanna meet all the textures and colors.

Princesses, not queens…

They did not make it.

Such life… cruel… simple human mind things about it only this way…

Or maybe they made it, decided, we should feel honored, but we know nothing about it? How, why, what for…

I do not know, but they always, every year make me wonder, how this beauty can exist in so many shapes, colors, shades… can kill you but also can just be, co exist.

Princesses of the sea. Cold sea. Which came here, to my island, to die…

Change back into water and then be born again somewhere.

But there is all that story untold. All those steps, boots crushing them. All those people which are not noticing them.

Because what for.


What beauty?

They are past tense, so why to care for them… why I care? Why I am sometimes so obsessed about them? Because they are so feminine? Because they are so like from other world? Or maybe… there is something more?

I do not know.

I have no answers.

Princesses, not the queens because… there was no time… and there is so many of them. So many, but only some of them got those colors.

Special moments

Special moments come uninvited.

They come and leave us speechless.

Shake our hearts, bodies…

And to be honest, it does not have to be a wedding, giving birth to a child… building a home, planting a tree…

Moments choose us.

And they make us to remember exactly this what they want. And nope… when people say: it is the most important day in your life… it may be not. Truly. And you do not, you should not, you mustn’t force yourself to feel so, because if…

… if this moment, day happened…

So what now?

Is there anything to live for?

I mean really…



If the best had happened sooo… what am I waiting for? A repeat? Or maybe something bigger? But if bigger, so it means that it was not your best day?

That wedding, when you were so scared, when you were not feeling yourself maybe… of course in love, but the day in fact, you just wanted it to be gone. To survive it and wait for more, better.

Or giving birth…

I mean really… women forced by hormones, all that chemistry in their bodies and then left with depression, not getting it…

Maybe… let us choose when everything ends, what was the best. It can surprise you, because it can be a day when you were eating a dirty carrot in the old garden having nothing. Or maybe a moment, when you figured out, that you can live with all those obstacles you have in you…

Do not let others to tell you what was the best in your life.

Tell them, that this day is still coming. You had awesome moments, but the best is still ahead you!!!

And yes, for all this time you are looking at ripples of the same piece of beach. Beach I am seeing from my window. Stones, pieces of green, almost neon seaweeds, shades, colors, all those shapes and…

Yes. This is life. Huge metaphor. Coming and going, changing, time… this is us. Come on. Hold our lives in our hands.

And maybe we could take a nap, my head aches so much… do  I have time for it? Shiiit… of course nope. Because others… but, I just wrote this and…


Just under the surface…

Old tales say that the biggest secrets are hidden deep in the sea. Under the surface. Deep in the abyss where the darkness creates its own definition…

And it is the truth.

But only one of the truths, to be honest.

Because very silent whisper can tell you…

That this what is a biggest secret in fact is much more closer.

And you need no oxygen bottle to reach it.

They are just under the surface.

Or… are the surface.

The mostly amazing, sparkling stories.

Most breathtaking, most magical.

About creatures which know everything, still are to hesitant to just be up talking loudly… you know, with time they got scared of humans.

Their stupidity!

And weird fears.

But if you are brave enough you still can just come and ask for them. If your heart is true, and good and bad is in you… because there is no such thing like only white and only black… well, we all make mistakes… if you are just someone who wanna know, all you have to do is touch the surface and ask…


Maybe bring flower petals with you or chocolate. The beings can be much more certain that you are the one deserving the stories. LOL