S Ugglarp 2

Like they knew you…

Knew why you came, knew what you have done…

What you were up to…


They all were in fact humans stopped for a moment which changed into centuries.

Many centuries.

Some of them are resting…

Some still are ready to fight.

Some gave up hope…

And some are literally watching you…

Look at this face.

Just look.

I mean, this place in unbelievable!

Huge, calm, still so loud.

The wind is howling, playing with fresh grass…

Spring is here and they all are like… ready to wake up.

To do something.

But what?

What can they do?

Is the ancient knowledge still necessary? Are there still people waiting for them.

Like the Terracotta Army…

Is there anybody?

For sure this place is an amazing one, ready to be seen, ready to be thought about, ready to stop… and at least look at those amazing buildings.

So clean, colorful, fresh…


Maybe? LOL

S Ugglarp

I mean… first you notice peace and quiet.

I mean really.

Peace and quiet.

You leave the big road and are surrounded by nature and emptiness.

And that redness.

Of course we were here when it was still spring, trees were naked…

And I do think that maybe here is a restaurant or something like that…

But for me, there were only stones.

Amazing. Huge. Perfectly put together.

Because it was not only the shape of a ship but…

Also those stones like crawling, or trying to stand up warriors.

Ready for something.

Ready, to be heard.

The only thing was… I do not like to feel like I was trespassing. You know, invading somebody’s else privacy.

I know it is open and for everyone, but still… I need peace and quiet to talk to stones to be with them, to just stand up and get stoned LOL And here listening to the stories is not so easy. Or maybe it was only me…

Havängsdösen 4

Leaving Havängsdösen was painful…

I think there are such places which mark you.

Which touch you.

Not just hug you and kiss “bye” and go to another person, but want a piece of you, to keep forever close.

Bite inside your soul.

You dream about it… it will explore you in fact forever now, but you have to go.

Leave… Leave those trees, although you feel those roots inside of you already. Tickle… really!!! LOL

Oh, this emptiness is so calming.

And all those shapes remind us as in fact dangerous it can be.

And then those tiny woodlands…

I mean really…

These are so inspirational.

So heartwarming.

I could look at them for long, but got more things to show you… so, I must leave… leave again… leave…


Havängsdösen 3

I did not want to leave this place.


So wanted to just stay with those stones mostly looking like marshmallows.

Big ones.

Just wanted to stay here, watch the sea, touch those few trees, play in sand…

Because it was like a piece of my island and was not in one time.

And all those whispers, shades, quiet sounds trying to be above this windy, early spring weather…

It was an experience.

It was magical, not just science. Because… it never should be just a mathematical view… you always got to look deeper, remember, they were like us.

With different toys.

They done it. Created it… this was the most important thing for them.

Remember. No fire! And just walk. Look behind… and…

… go, because there is a lot in front of you, but…

Okay, just one last time…

Havängsdösen 2

And all those stones.

So magical. So amazing. So white… standing, waiting…

Or maybe…

There is so much more to this story.

Not only astronomical view but also…

They look like they were growing here.

Not only keeping secrets, but also… creating new.

I am aware I should look at this all as a scientist, but I can not stop seeing all those humans here, eating and dancing…


Creating gods…

Truly sculpturing them.

From the scratch.

Or even maybe… them becoming ones?


Havängsdösen is a shock… it is like running away from the woods full of mines, soldiers etc… yes, we got lost trying to find the correct road and ended on a polygon, soo… not fun, but. Then we got there and…


How did it get here?

I mean okay, the whole story is like a treasure which wanted to be admired so showed off one stormy night.

Imagine this.

You live nearby… you walk after this storm, gather gifts from the sea and suddenly see those stones. Instead of a hill…

White stones, beautiful majestic!!!

Old. Waiting for you. Like an army of the past stories, legends, myths and… someone…

Yes, all stones are old, but you know what I mean.

Here you can read everything, but the truth is…

Being there is breathtaking. It is an amazing, long beach, and when we were there it was so crazy windy… so it was really breathtaking.

Literally!!! LOL

It had to be such a work of art. Still is, but then, imagine it then…

And see now… appreciate.

Ask for stories.


Råkefuret gravfält 2

It is not majestic for most of you.

You may even not notice it…

And maybe it is okay?

Not everyone got to be so into the past…

I am.

Because past is us now. We haven’t changed, our toys did.

And this area… I mean, the sea is just behind those trees… sand under my feet…

Everything so calm.

It must look amazing during summer.


But those stones…

Come, visit them. They are the art of the past. The art of passing away, believing in something behind the veils existed…

They scream: humanity!

Or are just pretty stones, in which you can see so many shapes.

Or just come here for nature.

It is stunning and different… it is waiting for you, to be noticed, maybe even named! Because we forgotten so many gifts of nature. We forgotten that weeds and herbs are in fact still the same.

Råkefuret gravfält

Råkefuret gravfält is a very special place. You can smell the sea, but not see it, you can imagine how it was ages ago, but also have a road next to the stones soo… everything is so metaphorical. Again.

Now and yesterday touch so strongly here.

The past and future…

In fact nature is still working hard here. Destroying and creating or maybe… here it is the one definition for both?

For sure it is an amazing place for a stroll.

I mean really.

Because to reach them, the still standing stones, ship shaped graves probably created/used in Iron Age…

You need to walk a bit from a parking place. I mean really. And it is a bit confusing, because stones are not big, not marked if you walk from that side…

But still, this calmness, this amazing protection you feel here…

Somehow, you know it will disappear soon. Sand everywhere, trees collapsing. No one around…

Oh my, some knowledge finally…

Or maybe not?

It always amazes me that those stones are so often so not visible. So like trees. Or trees like stones…

Because this kind of human activity was so natural…

Still is.

Simris runes

Simris is… a place in Sweden.

Yes, we are still here. A place close to Simrishamn. A village? City? Settlement… okay, village is the best word to describe a place which sleeps.

I mean really.

A road, some homes, church and two amazing stones not holy enough to be included in a holy ground.

Notice that!

Or maybe it was them deciding… we do not want your prayers.

We are here! Much more important?

Okay, the truth is that both stones were found in a wall surrounding cemetery, and then they were moved… (DR 344 i DR 345)

They are both about 1,5 meters tall and… well, refreshed! I mean they were reconstructed a bit, painted, so everyone can see what is written here.

Not everyone can read though…

There is something in runes.

For sure they are an alphabet, but also there is so much art in composing them, so many metaphors, legends, you can almost touch Nordic gods through them.

You can… if you are brave enough.

You go back into early XVIII century, when they were found… and then suddenly into the much deeper past.

They are both from XI century… I mean… Okay, I am working with pieces which are much older, but still, for many of you this is ancient, right?

Still… you think about those runes, magic and spells… and then…

You read what is written there and…

Well, magic disappears. And only a human being stays. A memory of someone who put this stone for someone important for him.

They are like those graves, megaliths. They are a show off. Shout off! They are… okay, a bit like people showing off with all those fancy boots or bags, because for sure not everyone could afford something like this, so people who paid for creating them, were wealthy. On a top of a cash/social pyramid…

And also…

… they are just stones. Stones which are still found in many places because with new technologies we are able to see through them…


Tågarpsdösen was not on my list.

Somehow I missed it!

No idea how… by riding by the empty still fields, I also somehow heard it.

Whispering to me…

Even before I saw it.

Oh my, this one is amazing.

And remember I was still dizzy after the ferry, still cold, still grim weather, but this megalith is goals.

I keep repeating this: think about people who created this. They wanted to make it a mark. They wanted it to be seen.

They wanted to remember?

Or maybe used the grave as a road mark?

Can we really say… I mean, why we do it today? Why we worship, remember those who passed away? Because of love? Connections, blood?

Or maybe… you wanna just show off your rich plate on a cemetery in a small community? Yes, I also research this now. I am still stuck to symbolism so strongly, that I do not think like a semi “normal human being”.

I know… not bad, right? LOL

But let us look at this beauty. Balancing… at this masterpiece!

12 on 1,5 meters. You could say not much… but I am 1,5!

Come on!!!

For me it is amazing, the passage, the chamber… 8 on 3,7 and 1,4 meters high. Yes, you can crawl inside. Nope, did not try it, come on.


12 stones, 3 slabs…

It was excavated by professor Märta Strömberg and she dated it for Middle Neolithic. And it rocks me so much.

Because… just look. Imagine the emptiness… imagine the sea in far away, or maybe closer those days…

Imagine, and look at it now.

At those colors.

Did they have meaning, special one?

And in fact… why to do it? Were they coming back here often? We need more research in this subject, but still, it is something tickling me strongly.

I mean gigantically!

Monumentally even!

Such a beauty.

I know, for many of you it is just a pile of stones. For me, it is art. The art of marking something unspoken. Something still not understood.

Something mystical.

Cherishing… or maybe only showing off? LOL They were humans like us. Only tools and toys changed! And maybe will. They had more passion and strength. For sure. They wanted to do something… Were they lazy sometimes?

For sure!!! But it could easily cost them life.