Get lazy

Get lazy!

If you want to.

It may work magic for you.

Stop looking at all those possibilities. Finally sleep it over, everything. Eat… what you have, to be clear some of us do not have choice, sooo…

Try being lazy.

It will kill you finally, and as a new one you will rise and… maybe will not be a reborn but may be a new being.

Should I feel weird that for me not much has changed except my husband is working from his office, not going to “the city”… we still wake up early, go to bed at 11pm.

I mean… geeez, I am so boring!!!

We worked in the garden on the weekends. That was a hard work… huge bushes, tiny saw. Very tiny…

And now what?

Everything is killing me. Every part of my body. And some people write that they are bored? You have internet, you can learn a new language, read… gather knowledge…

You can take photos from the inside, play with camera at home.

You can do so much… but maybe you will get it after laziness will start to bother you. Or are you one of those who say it will never happen?

I mean really?

People are different.

But suddenly only me has fun with myself.

I mean…


To be honest. What do you do now? Look for news about the virus or maybe just staying home and not caring.

Not caring in healthy meaning of not watching every news, TV channels, etc. Because, to be honest… it is a strong anxiety hazard.

Very strong.

Or maybe you just hide, or scream missing your friends?

Or maybe you found something new… yourself? Because it can happen. Really. Finding yourself, maybe again maybe for the first time?

Maybe for the first time you are getting to know you? And deciding, shit, that bitch is really cool. It can do this and that, has knowledge, skills and ideas… and I like her. Maybe even love her… or him, or whatever.

I got to say it these days, right?

Or one of us… because to be honest, I have 3 personalities inside of me.


Not so much to be honest, but works. Somehow… I can be so much fun for myself. I make myself laugh and cry.


But, as an introvert, I think it is in my blood, DNA or whatever…

Or maybe because of my childhood when I had only myself, I taught me to be like this.

Or maybe… I just sat once and figured out, that I am so fucking cool? LOL Of course not. I think I suck. I am never happy and my self esteem is not existing. Nope… not at all. It is not even low… it does not exist.

Niente, nada!

But hey, everyone gets problems, right? No idea if it is a problem, but still, even without that self esteem I think loosing myself would kill me.

Soooo… if you are bored, search deeply. Maybe there is someone cool so close to you. So close you need no self isolation.

And it is you!

How are you?

I know some of you really do not get it.

Some of you are frustrated and mad…

And some of you just live, day by day. Semi similar like everyday…

And there is that group for which almost nothing has changed. Introverts, who only can not post things, and get them…

Oh yes, for those of us, scared of other humans, it is a very special time. Scary, but also suddenly… we can breath. Because except evil individuals, finally none will come too close to us.


But all of us can be scared.

Because it is nothing we know to act like. We were lucky enough to not have this kind of madness in life… Most of us do not know how it is to have nothing to eat, wear… feel embarrassed because you have on you a jacket which belonged to someone else… and suddenly in school a girl recognizes it…

Most of you…

Some of you…

This is why I prefer humans in a distance.

It is easier.

Trees and colors… beaches and mossy stones.

And darkness.

Winter and autumn.

Though… this time scares me too.

Anxiety hits high.

How are you? Truly. Without any political correctness, without not making others sad… just clearly… How are you?

PS. Happy Birthday to myself! I hope you will get your trip, your research, books, photos, silver pieces, wilderness… you will get a moose and a bear… and maybe you will see both in the wilderness… from a distance. I wish you this. You – myself. And some unspoken and some… you know what.

All those streets…

Those streets by night so busy…

Now empty.

People hiding in homes.

Our hospital ready to check everyone with symptoms.

Everything has changed and changes in seconds.

Sooo… I come back to colors. To canvases…

Because there is a way to run away from those thoughts especially for us with weaker minds… or more like stronger? Because if this will not kill our selves, this fear, well, we will survive even more.

Not only every day.

Not only a day when you hide because anxiety and depression hits you so hard… so hard… and nobody gets it.

Except those the same… almost the same.


Oh well…

I hope everyone of you is able to find something in yourself what makes you breath. In and out, slowly…

The end?

To be honest…

Yes, it is the end of the open world we knew…

We were hoping my island will somehow survive it… somehow…

But nope.

And now, with photos of Sweden by night. Windows, streets… people…


My island do look like a zombieland. But to be honest during winter it was normal. There is not many of us… Still, it is spring. Even if we had no winter, winds are destroying the woodlands and people are scared…

There are still dumbasses from Germany – yes, from Germany – wanting to come for vacations! Just because they do not care.

I have lost my faith in humanity… wait, I never had it, soo… Yeah, knew it will be so. But to be honest? What now?

How to survive it?

Remember you can buy my photos as files and print as you want to. No post needed. Just email, paypal… clean. Why am I writing it? Because I know people are shopping of boredom but not from artists but from companies…

To be honest, I am in a bad state of mind, so I do not know if I even care?

Life – death… is there a choice, change?

Yes… depression and anxiety have the best days of their lives for sure. Nope, I will not even try to be cheerful. I do not care…


Darkness changes everything.

This how you feel, this, how you project what is around…

This how see and not see people, beings, buildings…

How you think about them… and suddenly we are coming back to that piece of art, which is now in a full glow.

Is it more light, useful thing or maybe… just art?

And can art be useful… of course it can… can it be sometimes to much and unnecessary? Of course!!!

Look… there are different colors!!!

WOW… I was not expecting this… but to be honest for me it is a bit too dirty, I would prefer it in more “Frozen” style, colder whiteness…

And looking from the place it stands… oh well, bit blinded now!!!

Those are maybe not tall buildings like for a whole world but for this part of the world they are stuffed and tall, and everything is dark… or more like, would be if not this piece of bulby art.

Look… almost magical.


Bye art!

See ya! Hopefully, because looking at the world now, well… we are not moving anywhere, right? Nope…

Malmö sounds…

I got no idea how I never noticed that.

Maybe because during a day it for sure looks just too industrial for my eye? And when the night hits, this light makes it a bit…

LOTR vibes.

In front of you, ladies and gentleman and… here, let me present, an amazing, modern, Carillon bell tower… “Traditional carillon of 48 bells. Pitch of heaviest bell is G in the middle octave. The whole instrument was installed in 1971 with bells made by Petit & Fritsen.” On Jaernhardte Stift.

It would be awesome to hear them once…

Although, imagine walking inside…

… and walking and walking… I mean great butt exercise. Though, I would get dizzy because I am scared of heights!!!

And that glass around.

Totally not for me.

But the view must be awesome.

Feeling like a princess in a glass tower too…

Maybe one day I will do it… go up, touch them and then run away quickly? Or maybe one day I will hear them?


For sure I will come back to this city, because it hides so much, and from a first sight looks dull… Have you ever hear carillon bells? Or maybe you can play on them? I know them only from that awesome comedy… French one… “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis”. If you need a laugh, not a romantic story, though there is some love… watch it. It is smart, sweet and bitter but to be honest… mostly so true.

So human like.

Art, art and art

I mean, okay, maybe I notice and am obsessed by things which… most of you just pass by? Maybe sometimes you squat, but not often.

Maybe sometimes in a corner of an eye you see waving…

But you are too busy.

Or are a people’s person and in fact do not have to pretend that you are so interested in something else and not into conversation?

Maybe… But this you would notice.

New piece of art in Malmö.

We will check in next posts if it lights up…

City… Which in fact is crazy about art. Truly. You may see it just as suburbia, small town, boring, but for me it sparkles…

With art.

With pieces new, and old, preserved.

Or just…


And those secret passages.

Places for secret lovers… or dealers. Less romantic, for sure. LOL

Look at those gates, perfectly crafted… Oh yes. Close them, and somehow you got your own world. For a moment? tbc

Even more doors…

The symbolism of doors is just amazing.

You never know if they let you in or close somewhere.

You can not be sure.


If they have windows, mostly they reflect what is outside, you can not peek… and even if you can, are you sure this what you see is the truth?

Are you?

And look at those details.

Amazing, old job.

And then… looking for more, I stopped by those doors. Also doors. Maybe a bit more obvious, although I know really almost nothing about the mess they are hiding, still… this cute graphic art, colors, grey, white, redness and black…

How cool it is?

This precision.

Just not only awesome idea to enrich the city but also… a lot of work.

And then…

Blue doors… for those who need more hope and protection. Dreams and imagination to fly around…

And simple wooden ones in a very old house.

New incorporated in old.

Such a nice structure. Still in Lund.

Lund in December

Well… how to say it…

Winter was not big in Sweden too.

Though, they have some snow… in the north LOL

Sooo… I was dreaming about Kiruna, when we were in Ystad and Malmö.

Really… especially, that the weather was so crazy! It was snowing, then it was sunny, then foggy, then…

I mean here, close to the sea is like in the mountains.

You can never be sure what the weather will be.


But… was I here to talk about art? Nope…

Truly, there will be maybe one day deeper dissertation LOL about Lund, but not today.


Will be just some last year rays of light.

Only few…

And the doors, which we will talk about later LOL