North Sentinel

I was wondering recently how it is with this modern world… and well, it i awful, but still there is hope. Still some tribes are left, although monitored by scientist, but there is one tribe which welcomes all white help with… arrows.

Smart people!

Of course I am talking about North Sentinel.

Amazing land.

And awesome, green and white and blue island.

Some people, a tribe probably.

Living as they want to…

… they have amazing woodlands, beaches and all that stuff. What is most important, not wanting all that “help” from o called white people. Not wanting contact, not being interested. Oh my, I so get them. Running around naked, having food. Do you know that even tsunami did not much harm to them, although few white so called humanitarians brought enough viruses which killed so many of them still, they somehow… survived.

I am so curious how do they live. Of course I have ideas, many of them, studied archaeology, anthropology and ethnology so I can imagine… and you know what, it is not a bad life when you have no idea about TV and Lady Gaga! What kind of art they create, what stories swirl around the fire every evening? How often they dance? How often have fun? What do they believe in?

How about the families?

Oh my, it could bring so many information but still, I prefer them to live. Live in this normal their own way, which for so many internet users is evil. Who suddenly claim that they should be given food and all that stuff, bet LV bags too! And taxes, gods, ideologies etc. And… How the heck people so easily forgotten about us humans being able to heal ourselves with nature. Nature which we still get… or more like: they got. They are not harming nature. Living freely… maybe this is the thing? That they are free and none of us is in fact. Think. How free are we? Those people do not want us so why are we pushing their boundaries? I mean really? Why? Except scientifically ways I see no way no need to change them. Yes, they probably can not read. Guess what! They can remember how you can not. This is simple. So simple.

Living with nature is also a civilization!!!

Leave them alone.

I know there is that line around them which should protect them, but still weird people: humanitarians, missionaries… want to change them.

Why? Because they do not fit your minds, drawers you created for everyone? Guess what, you can not get me either! And change too!

Stand on…

So often people like to say: stand on truly behind your believes and dreams and they will come true… well, so here I am, standing.

WTF! Why it is not working?!

Why? Because standing is not enough. You got to take it and work on it. Maybe miracles happen, but some of us do not even notice them and some, well, maybe we are here to be miracles makers? Maybe?


Maybe we are even gods? Who cares. When we are cold we need to wrap ourselves or make fire. Wen we are hungry we got to eat. When we need to… well, when we need to, you know what, we just can not say: NO, to our bladders! LOL When we feel arty, we need to do something with it. But also remember, we can not kill that moron in a loud car with loud music because it is not… civilized.

Fuck it! I am nature! You can not civilize me! I will let him live only because it would got messy and I hat touching people LOL

Everything can be called in the way you feel it better. In the way you can live with it. Definitions are created by winners. But also same with history. Soo… what to do? How to live when you try to stand up, and somehow you can not. Not anymore? Because suddenly those who are not “good people” are those the best. Because all those definitions are so misty that you know suddenly nothing except…

… except this sand and the sea. One is soft, dry or wet, the other one can be loud or quiet, always wet, bit salty.

Maybe it is time to change it and just lie down? On the waves, on the sand, or on the grass if you have some? And think… what the heck are we doing? In fact, what are we dreaming about? Is this everything so much?

Or maybe too much?

Others art…

I figured out, observing artists since I was a kid, that there are in fact only two basic kinds of them.

  1. Those who are happy with others art. Look for inspiration – not stealing ideas – in others, love to talk, ask for help and… they love crowds, meetings, others patting their backs and all that jazz.
  2. Those who prefer loneliness. Prefer being alone but are also scared that they could not be one and only. It is not like those do not care for rewards, but they feel so awful when getting them, like they do not deserve it…

I mean really.

Tertium non datur! To sound more fancy. LOL

Which one am I?

For sure number 2. I hate crowds but still I love to buy others art and send it all over the world. To buy it and make special gifts for those who are ready for it. But also 2s are very unsure of themselves. Usually with low self-confidence and scared if someone suddenly discovers them.

Their art is their family. It is all soul and heart… so when someone loudly dislikes it, well it is a drama and somehow the whole inside of this artist brakes into pieces. It hurts almost physically… so hard.

We are not sure, but also inlove with some of our pieces. And we may not be ready to part with them. Sometimes never sometimes it changes with time. If we grow up to it… somehow.

1s are proud of their achievements. Are a bit self centered sometimes, but usually in a healthy way. Can look at others from their cloud above everything, still… not always. They are much better for this modern world. Easier sell pieces, can be very loud in media, can be celebrities. I really am, maybe not jealous because it is not for me, but really amazed by their abilities.

And you? Who are you?

PS. Photos were taken in Gudhjem, outside of a small gallery if you wanna buy those pieces. Not mine: pieces, photos only mine. LOL

The Red Door

Once upon a time there was so many of them.

Almost every home had them, every cabin, every barn even. But nowadays… they are only here, only few. In few shapes only, too. Always wooden, always closed. Bravely reminding everyone of their history and legends, mythology and secretes. But somehow now… they are so shy.

So really shy.

Because people do not care anymore abut their magic. Do not get it. Do not need it. Or maybe just forgotten, only… lost the memories, stories told them by grandmothers. Whispered by the winds and sea waves?

I am not sure.

But I know, that red doors hide the best secrets, the best magic. They protect, they love, but also, they are fighters. Like those one. Two part, twin doors. Two tiny, blue windows and of course… mystery. What is behind them? Who is behind them? Someone watching, someone waiting, or someone who wants to be not found? Because so much of the past just wanna be left alone.

Because we all have right to be alone…


PS. Or maybe people are scared of red? Some are…

Windows are watching you…

People often say that windows are home’s eyes. But somehow do not see them as those watching us, the ones outside. Nope. They see them as perfect spaces which make them able to look inside.

To peek…

To unhide this what is behind them.

What is often secret. Hidden because of a very important purpose. Something what should be hidden. Because you are not ready to see it…

Maybe this is a reason why windows here on my island do not have curtain, sometimes sun blinder but always, and I mean ALWAYS, amazing displays. Ready to make you avert eyes from the inside of the home, and be happy with some fancy art in a simple window. Or simple art in a fancy one?

No idea, but this is how I see it.

And yes, you will find art in my windows too.

Or maybe?

Or maybe we have nothing to hide, and those windows are able to live their own life? Choose art. Choose houses? And watching us. In fact like we were created for their fun. Only. Like old gods decided to be tricky and… well, truly managed the art of stalking!!! Truly!!! Or maybe… City life happens in windows?

And we are only here to watch!


I do not have them.

Just because when I go outside it is enough. If you live for vacations, well your usual life sucks. Ask any older person. All of them will tell you they worked too much and lived in wrong places or had an amazing place but did not give it a chance… and spent enough time for themselves. Listened too much to others…

… not themselves.

It is weird how we live from weekend to weekend, right? Okay, as someone working “from home”, I work every day, soo… weekends are a regular working days to me too. I just can only sleep a bit longer. But still, every time I say I have never been on a regular vacations, people just say: you live on an island, in a beautiful place. And I am like: so what is wrong with you, why you wanna make me guilty of something I fought for, am still fighting? Why you do not create your today beautifully. Because I am poor. Not able to travel, to buy stuff you have so easily, I have unknown and this island, for which I still fight every fucking day, and still, you somehow wanna make me feel worst.


Maybe there is something wrong with a whole definition of vacations? Because I remember that as a kid I was forced to go to camps with other kids. It was a nightmare. For me vacation was a time spent with my Grandma. Even if we were only sitting side by side, or work in a garden. It was a time which did not involve my so called “family”. When I could be… alone. Sooo…

What are vacations for you? Because if really only running away from home, from your regular life, well it sucks. Just do it now.

Once and forever.

But before you do it, prepare yourself.

Yeah, we are in this awful time of lovely posh photos of brown bodies, ocean views, people traveling, drinking, lying down… okay, I get traveling for knowledge, but just sitting by the pool with vodka, well… it sucks for me and is a death hazard. But I see people being so jealous. Feeling worst because they can not afford it. Does not mean you can not post those photos? Nope, never. I just wanna say, that this what have around may be not discovered yet. That your own city, village or woodland can be a hidden treasure and you can have a vacation every day after work.

For an hour or two!

Try it. Ad remember that people now find even Chernobyl attractive.

Yeah, there are such people. Yup.

Do not punish yourself for not being able to afford far far far away traveling. Try to find beauty around. I bet it is close. And I bet it is cheaper. Because a tag means nothing. Really!!! Try it!!! You do not have to vaccinate for it. And I bet mosquitoes there will know you good.

PS. The truth is I have always hated vacations. Yes, as a kid too. I liked learning. I wanted to learn more. And we ha no internet and not many books, so… yeah, I may have problem with taking free time. Maybe? LOL


I used to hate this smell.

No idea why. But this is how it was or maybe still is? I am still not the biggest fan… prefer added rosemary, thyme and mint to balance that purpleness.

But here, on this island somehow lavender is a queen. Small one, but still present and taking her place. In fact when it comes to herbs she is next to mint in the gardens… sometimes running into wilderness… you can find an amazing bunch in the woods. Forgotten or maybe walking?

Following you?

It is only the plant. But still its ability to grow, survive even this drought, climbing sometimes, growing for ages, smelling for so long…

Only the plant.

Like so many more, still used by so many artists for ages.

Painters, sculptures, those who create perfumes, soaps… They all loved to put flowers, branches as a part of their art. Not only in Provence. Not only there people like to give each other lavender in different shapes. Just for love and luck, as a simple gift, present, for a wedding to wish, or be sure, that the couple will live happily ever after. But it is also said that the smell takes bugs away, so yeah, I have it close to my open doors. For sure the aroma of lavender brings calm feelings. Helps you with a good, long sleep. Make your underwear smell nicely and fresh.

Maybe it is this weird freshness, so purple one, which can last so long, or maybe in fact lavender brings this unconditional love to the household? Or maybe… its other side: lack of trust. Betrayal even? Or maybe it is only all about this color which is so… so really perfect for funerals.

Still not sure.


I love wood.

Wooden cottages and cabins are just so lovely, but when it comes to home. A real one. For me it must be a mix of brick and stones.

As one of those still dreaming about my own little home and few trees, I am just somehow… acting with houses like with dogs which I meat on my way. I smile to them. If they wanna be cuddled, they will be… if they wanna jump on me, well… I love dogs, still, hoping it will happen close to the sea. LOL

But houses… oh my.

I love them. Love the windows uneven, those old walls, new walls, gardens, doors and paint and trees… Here people paint homes in different colors, paint crazy, paint calmly. We have the whole farm painted in one shade of blue!


But this yellow house is so different.

It watches me?

How do I not run away?

Because somehow the old-fashioned wall, full of crinkles, wrinkles and scars is for me such an inspiration. For a story about a house which saw too much. So it closed its eyes… and then opened it after years.

After eons for most of us.

It wanted to move, but could not. The old bricks and walls were to fragile. What? Houses can not walk? Trees can, so they can too! Listen how a loved home breaths, how it calmly cuddle its family. And how a lonely one cries… or becomes angry of its loneliness. Some of them, even when somebody will fall in love with them, can not live. Become even more angry, even violent.

Am I scaring you? Oh well… LOL

Art attack…


We got to be clear in it. Art can attack you. It can jump on you and bite you and even get into your head and change your ways…


Change your paths.

Or just make fun of you…

Yup, art is something dangerous from time to time. A huge painting can fall on your head and ill you. Or all those modern installations. They can be made of metal, sharp objects which are DANGEROUS. LOL Or for an accident, or as some people say: stupidity, you will not notice art and destroy this pile of trash, put it into a bin, where you thought it belongs and you wanted to keep the beach clean and tidy… and piss off the MIGHTY ARTIST who will kill you for it!

I would…

Okay… YES of course I am sarcastic. Come on, if you was reading it and not noticing it, oh my, I think you got to go and hug some trees! Not people. They can bite. Or arrest you for it. I mean really. LOL

Still… sometimes art is the predator.

Here it is in its mightiest shape.


Come on, it is hot, I am crazy in this weather!!! And we had to wait on lights – they are building a bicycle path on one side of the road, soooo… – that view was for me so inspiring. Not only because this kind of art – yes it is art, you may not see it as one, but if you look at art of Poul P. and his income, well… it is art.

Childish approach to express your soul on canvas, paper, wood never somehow was my cup of tea… or maybe I am so dumb that I still think that art is somehow my soul, heart, mind… everything… liver even? Maybe. Still this kind of drawing mostly, which appeared on this car in awful heat was somehow scary. Like art wanted to tell me something, or I was just dehydrated? Probably. Still… this girl with those rays coming from her hand. Is she radioactive? Or maybe she is a mutant?

Can I be one too?

I liked Storm!

Could change this heat around me…

Sooo… do you like this kind of art. Like your own drawings from when you were few years old? Look for old drawings! Maybe they are worth millions.

Mine for sure are not.

Sunset is life…

In fact, you know, metaphorical.

Sunsets are like lives… they start and you are never sure if it will be pretty in the end, with funny clouds, all those colors, or maybe it will be just setting… passing. Just there as usual but nothing special.

Will it be quick or long… what it will show, touch, leave in you?

Will you in fact be on time, or maybe late? Will you watch it or be watched?

Life is a sunset.

Expecting, experiencing and admiring. It can be mild or so strong. Can touch so many or came by unseen.


Slowly or quickly getting colors.

Juicing them.

Sometimes you hide and look at it with your eyes not so wide open and sometimes you are not scared at all. Brave and strong. But in fact, you got it now, that this strength comes with time. But how much of this time you have?

And are you in fact the one who observes his own life or using it?

Dealing with everything?

Bitting problems, kicking? Because, no worries, I am not judging. I am the one who hides. Because sometimes, or more like more often for me, it is all I can do. Still, I am doing it the best I can!

Whatever. Take your brush and paint it… because even when it sucks and is really hard, you look at all those beautiful photos of people under palm trees and you wanna be one of them remember, simple birch is good too! And you do not have to worry about coconuts falling on your head!!!

This what you have can also be beautifully painted. Talked about. There is history in everything not only in all those posh Instagram photos and you are the author. You can put there everything. Do not go to that IG side. It was paid to look like this and nobody mentioned fucking sand flies!

They bite and it burns like hell!!!

And the sunset… well, it will melt into the night. Night which is calm, dreams and so much fun, different fun. But it will also rebirth once.

Just wait.