News from my Island

Well, in fact there is not much… we had some things going on and some not going on. We have a windy weather, but in fact it is not that hot as it used to be last year. We fight for a tree, but nobody listens… If you want to help us, please sign the petition. It goes from the top: name, surname, city and email. Nothing wrong will happen. But one linden tree can be saved. It should not be like they want, to change a piece of green into some art… art, which in fact could truly find another place to be worshiped. We have plenty of places it could be put, if there is a must, but they do not listen.

I mean those up there.

Here is the tree – main photo. Here are photos of the art, which in fact is only a plastic copy of a round church – we have 4 on Bornholm, made of stones not plastic of course, old. And art as this should not be on a busy road if so… tree will at least do something with the air, that so called art… well can only disturb. And how tourists are suppose to use it? They can not touch it or take a photo with it if it is on a roundabout.


Except this… well it is summer, so we have more tourists. My Island is stuffed with tents and caravans. With people I do not know. With loud noises and cyclists which are not very nice, and in fact do not care about the traffic law. But it is all. We have it every year. The Season. it started…

And done.

I love it!

I do love it, that we have nothing more. We do still have problems with Russian u boot, American planes trying shoosh them, and this weird fear, that Putin wanna take Bornholm from Danmark, but it is all. The rest is green, wavy and birdy. My crows are crazy, fighting with seagulls about every piece which is possible to eat. And that is all… herbs are dancing with the wind, roses are red, purple, pink and yellow…

Why… why we can not stay just calm, hard working, and clean, and green, and ecological. Especially with this wind?


Standing lady

She is standing here.

She is standing here since ages… waiting, but for what?


For me she was always kind of Pieta from Bornholm. Older than we are, older than this road, homes, thoughts. Older than… memory about Her. A woman holding her love one she was waiting for. The sea took his life, but gave her his body. She could mourn him, but now, she put him under her feet and is mad… Mad on nature, the sea and the sky. She is furious, but all she can do is cry her eyes out, because she can not bring his life back. But still, she has hope, and is waiting…

But for what?

After thousands of years she is just a stone, pointy shaped. Just a stone, but the story is still here. And a grave. Now empty. But little stones surrounding it are still guarding this story. This year She was my Midsummer One. I always choose one place which is special for me and this year she pushed in front. She just cried for attention. I have no idea why… is there something more?

For me?


Later, a bit late, I will create wreaths and go to my other places, to again tell them: I remember. This kind of past is my one. Somehow more suiting. Much older than this what people care about. I will go to my Ancestors – few burial mounds, one of the older, and to Louisenlund. I will be there to visit The Ghost and others… I will come to you. As always, but this year, a bit later, because of the sun. Because of this sadness inside of me. And because… I miss winter so much.


Again – field of lupines

It is like standing in candies.


I mean really, because when you have such amount of lupines, they smell so sweet, and so.. normal. So old-fashioned. Like it used to be before… before people started to have weird needs. Before they started to use the soil as it was a “neverending” story, as it did not have a need to rest… before…


Oh that smell is such an inspiration.

I just, I just wanna take all my empty canvases and smash them with flowers, together, and squeeze them between other dimensions and then put them back on white walls. and then again and again. Will it let the aroma stay forever or I got to change myself into that boy from “Parfume”… he did not end well, as I remember?

But I bet it is a good lesson about: I wanna piece of you, right? LOL


So much inspiration.

So many lessons about colors being able to live together.

And all being of one kind. And this is just a simple field. Nothing more, nothing less. And still it is a pure perfection, which makes my mind blow!!!


One more secret…

I have a secret.

Maybe it is another one, maybe first you will get from me, but… I do have it. Okay, maybe it is in fact not a big one, not a world-breaker, but still it is a secret. And it is a dirty one!!! Obvious for some of you because you could seen my photos or maybe you bought one of them, or you just got it earlier than I did…


I like dirty windows.

Yup, next to laundry pins and laundry, I like dirty windows.

Somehow clear one scares me. Reflects too much. Or maybe is just too obvious. Just too windowy? Denuded of mystery and magic? Not enough mysterious for me? Too just glass and wood or plastic. Too… simple. Because when it is covered in dust, spider nets and all those dirty pieces, old flies, maybe zombies and all that stuff. Everything is more interesting when it is covered. At least a little.

It is like with boobs and naked people. Cover them a bit, and they are interesting. Make them full nude and there is no interest at all. I mean really. If you wanna make something more interesting sprinkle it with dust, use some lace… make it semi visible. Make being and hidden. Make it this way.

This way is so much more interesting.

Trust me!


Playing and partying… PPP

… never.

I think I never got it.

And will never get it. See, as a kid I hated other kids, I was forced to play with them, to pretend… it never ended nicely. If there was only a way, I was easily running away. They were just playing so weirdly! I mean playing home, kids, family. Mum and dad… pieces of life I never understand.

Adult things seeing with closed eyes.


Later it was not better.

Loneliness was easy.

You can not hurt anyone if you are alone. And finally, you can play as you want to. Walk, read, work… because work is a play sometimes too.

There always had to be this weird “ordnung” in my life. So partying was not the option too. Somehow too much noise, too much people, touching, alcohol – I never learn to like it or coffee, so I was always one of those still saber. Being unable to control, people, weird acts, nope, I could not find myself in it. And drunk ones could not normally play with me… so, I was that funbraker.

If I was born today, I could be diagnosed as ADHD and Asperger… but in the old days, it was just… being me.

And a third P… well praying. I mean really. I am not good in it too. Never was… Maybe I just have problems with Ps? LOL


Poppies and cornflowers…

In fact, there is that Agatha Christie novel, where there is a wallpaper in poppies and cornflowers. You know it by any chance? A women comes back to England, newlywed and buys a home in which she has weird visions. Of course people think she gets crazy, and only Jane Marple sees more here. Yup, there is also a very thin love story, and some scary moments… but this wallpaper in one of her visions, reminded me of something. Of fields full of those flowers. And camomile. And those violet one… which I have no idea how they are named. And…


I will sound like a very old person, but theses days everything smelled differently, looked differently, and somehow was more normal. Sorry dudes. I am ancient. C14 has problems with me. LOL

I remember those fields. So pretty. I remember walking and picking up wild flowers, making wreaths. I remember the time when we were not afraid of ticks. I remember. I feel like an elephant which remembers everything. And you know what… it hurts. Now to fins poppies I have to walk and walk and walk and they still are not the same poppies. And cornflowers. Well, they are so rare.

Like bees.



Still… from time to time, and because my Island decided to come back to nature and ban some nasty pesticides, they appear. With this special poppy redness. And my dream about fields full of poppies, you know those other poppies banned because humans decided to make lousy drugs from them… which were singing when they heads were dried, and seeds inside of them were dancing. Oh my, I am weird. Or unique maybe as my friend, awesome drawer Sheepish said… (check her FB)

Maybe… or maybe I just miss time when things were a bit easier. And fields were bigger and higher. Trust me, wheat was so tall. And watching for flowers was such an awesome play. And eating fresh wheat seeds. Oh well, I am ancient.


Jump in!!!

Sooo… yesterday I needed a walk in the woods, and of course I did it, but I also done a nice swim, and I will tell you something about it. Something weird maybe, or unique. Something true, but also a bit scary…

… the waves were alive!!!


See, sometimes the sea is like this. Smooth, elegant, so not of this world. So breathtaking, so… untouchable, because you do not want to touch it scared, that it could disappear. So… blue. And I love blue. So looking more like a material, like a mix of smooth cotton or more like silk or velvet. But also so strong. You can see, that the surface is not breaking. Not for anyone, anything…


But the sea I jumped into yesterday was a bit mad. A bit angry, but also so clean, green, blue and turquoise. Strong, hitting hard with bigger waves, but when you finally got it, that this HARD cold is in fact something you can handle, the swim was a paradise. Thick sea, salty, full of this green seaweed also called a salad, which in fact is edible… nope, I did not try it, thanks. Sea which in fact wants you…


Sea, waves, waters which are so ALIVE. Changeable. Because these cold waves are so typical for spring and early cool summer. So free, so one and only, so… you just jump in, and 99,9% of people will run away screaming, but if you only give yourself a chance, you ca have the best swim ever! Okay, my butt felt like when I was recently dancing in a snestorm, but this feeling is like exercises. You know… endorphin! Ad this feeling, that suddenly only you are brave enough to do it… and you can do it naked!

Oh come on. Being naked is not something weird. We do it here on Bornholm. Especially older couples, and it is amazing. A pair of grey heads, which was walking thru the woods, then jumps inside the waves and swim and… it really does not matter, that they are naked, you just do not care about it. You just… do not see it. How is it possible? And how is it possible, that so called younger Danes can not in fact do it? That it is amazing for them that their grandma and grandpa can do it, but themselves, they are too scared. Someone can twitt them, put on youtube. Suddenly, nobody cares about other privacy. Suddenly saying: no I do not want to be filmed and put on your youtube chanell… is a disgrace! Suddenly you stop a young creative soul… oh piss off! When you take photos, remove people, ask them for a permission, mind their business. You are not a fucking Hitchcock! Even with million subscribers…

Sooo… I had a great swim yesterday. And yup, had my pants on, because I am not brave enough to do it full monty. Yeah. And my boobs distract me from swimming. It happens when you have them. LOL


Are we still?

I was painting something totally not important, when too may thoughts came to my mind. But this question was the loudest: are we still human beings?

I mean really? Are we?


Because I start to have doubts. And when in doubts, I go to a dictionary.

1. any individual of the genus Homo, especially a member of the species Homo sapiens.
2. a person, especially as distinguished from other animals or as representing the human species”
So… when it comes to Homo sapiens sapiens, are we still them? Even if not, we are still human beings. But what the heck does it mean? Being nice, waving to neighbors, moving your lawn in front of a white, picket fence? Because we still do it, at least some of us, but when it comes to thinking, to using minds…
… we suck!
I found this page and started to have doubts. Because as them, we should be so much more, do so much more, be able to develop abilities. One of polish writers Stanisław Lem said once… ages ago, that in a future we will be small corpses with huge heads, amazing brains which will make our bodies a bit more not important. 20 years ago, wait 30 years ago as a kid I thought so too. That knowledge is the most important stuff, that this makes us Homo sapiens sapiens, but now…
We are Homo sapiens biologically, anthropologically… but the second sapiens, I am not sure, not anymore.

I smell you…

Even with this weird weather, cold air and windy stuff around… all I can smell are last lilacs and blooming linden trees. Oh my, how amazing they smell, just divine. You wanna suck into this aroma. You wanna cover yourself in it, paint it, keep it. Because even dried, these flowers will not smell like those fresh, young, ready to be picked up.


Amazing. Simple and true. And those bushes, I still got no idea how they are named… how is it, that late spring is so aromatic? I get it, it is all about bees and all that stuff, but still, how is it so stunning?

So free…

Fresh, first roses. Even daisies, although not many of you may appreciate them…

Even the grass. Oh come on, grass grass not THAT grass!!!

Go out and smell it! Smell the spring, because it will be gone so quickly. It always is. Never waits. You got to catch it. You got to be present.


Peter Engberg

I was fascinated by his pieces… but I could only watch them thru the windows. Does it mean I will be back in Fjällbacka?

Does it mean, I have to be back?

I mean really?


Does it?

Peter Engberg touched my heart with his art. You can of course see those pieces on his page, but trust me, seeing them, reflected in the windows, with all this water around, colored cottages, boats and fishy stuff…

… was so special.


I mean really something more. Because seeing art in a place it was born, is different, than just having it on your computer, or send by someone to you… it is not the same. Seeing the sand, feeling the wind which annoyed the artist during the process of creating the stuff… is something more. You got a piece and an inspiration…


It creates something so much bigger.



I have to come back.

Oh my. That will be hard, but maybe… or more like a must, because I lost my amazing pendant bought in Vitlycke Museum what made me so depressed, I mean more depressed… that I am still crying! You know a hjulkors made in silver. Tiny, amazing… maybe someone of you will be there this summer? Can you buy me one?! I will pay for it thru paypal! Please!

PS. This is a last post from my trip. Will there be another one? You never know. LOL