Rainy photography…

Oh yes… I love rain. I really do. It is just an amazing experience when you are outside, and so cool when you are inside.

And because I am one of those always ready to find fun, in everything… so I use rain and a lot of time waiting for a ferry boat, to have some fun.

To take some photos. Of perfect drops and amazing colors. To just make pictures… a few…

Or even more.

Because even sitting in a closed space… you can find amazing structures, funny lights, bright auras.

Amberly light.

Or crazy disco, bright flashes.

I just love those!!!

Like dancing inside of a aurora borealis.

Like touching something what only you can find interesting, fascinating.

Like… a Flash?

Yeas, I only used my camera, my dancing hands, rain and lights…

Nothing more.

But also… why would I need more? Weird filters? What for?

Without them, I got an orchid… Amazing, so sweet.

PS. Yes, as usual, all photos are for sale, and more to come on IBornholm and Kobaltowa Wrona and my blogs. It is only 150 DKK, paypal, and you get a photo on you email to print it and frame it as you want!!!

Vätteryds gravfält

Life is simple. We are born, we try to live, and we die before we figure out what it is all about… nothing else new was invented still. Or maybe I was not informed, it is very possible? So called afterlife is too rich to just mention it here in a few phrases, so let me leave it… Have it your way. I will be tat scary Toby or something what jumps into Chucky, or just a ghost with a weird noises.

I love those who are dead.

Somehow it is so easier to talk with them, so much easier to just be quiet and they do not tell you that you look bad or you are not fancy enough, or… you do not act your age. Because the know already how it is. That you live, and try different things and in fact mostly fail in the same points.

You only got different toys.

That is all…

Vätteryds gravfält is worth of seeing. Huge, amazing, full of sheep droppings LOL Seeing and thinking about those under. In amazing ship shaped “gardens”. With a road by its side, but also lovely wood and fields, and even a restaurant… which was of course closed at this time of year… sorry. Here summer ended. Somehow tourists are like mushrooms? Only come with special seasons?

Or well…

Truth is… except big cities, and I mean really big ones… everything was closed here in southern Sweden. Totally. Like there were no humans at all. Only cars, big trucks riding around. Cottages closed. Everything sleeping already? Ready for winter, or something? I mean really?

Weird thing.

Oh yes, to mention it, make it clear… it was raining, and I found it weirdly funny. Like another baptism, the right one… Although my boots changed into movable lakes, I was okay. Because I saw the past. I listened to it, and figured out, nothing matters truly. Only your smile count. Really. The truth is, you will change into this you are walking on soon, so what to worry about?

Okay… it was not depressing at all, and all those, still visible shapes… imagine them with torches, and food, and people… imagine them… alive.

See it!!!


There are people addicted to it, there are those who hate to leave the house. There are also those who been there and there and somehow for them it is enough. And it is okay too. Because we are not the same.

I love coming back home.

Cleaning, washing up, looking at postcards and souvenirs… I love it, but recently I started to feel more and more and even more eager to come back, wait a minute, and be ready to go there again.


But when it comes to traveling, when living on an island, you always got to have a boat. Sorry, yeah we have planes, but somehow a boat/ferry is less scary for me, so… and I am sick in a car, bus, train or plane and boat, so what’s the difference?

And boats are sooo cute! Or more like they can be. Especially those wooden ones. Still old and new… this one is from Kivik. And did you know in Sweden “ki” is pronounced “si”. Funny language. Such a singing one.

And funny sometimes.

But the best for traveling, still slow and not for long distances, are feet. Oh my, I love walking. It upsets me, that I have nothing from Jesus in me, and can not walk on water… shame me!!!

I know people who ever left their birth home. I know those who prefer to travel only around their own country and this is awesome. To discover your country fully, how many of you done it? How many would trade it for Ibiza? Of course it you do not live there, you know. Discovering all cool, or spooky places in your own country is just amazing, but… I was born in a country which I did not feel like mine, so… I moved. And now I am obsessed about the North, so live with it. I do not fancy Hong Kong or Thailand, hot and steamy, or Asia at all. Nope. Somehow it so so not mine. I need cold, ancient carvings, standing stones. I need cold mostly, sorry, hate summer. Do you know that people do not get it? That they are like insulted that I do not fancy Japan. Well… I do not, and not sorry for it. Stop thinking that all humans are like robots from one line. We are all so different!!!

That’s where fun is!

And crowd or no crowd at all!!!

PS. So boat or a train, plane or maybe a bike? What do you choose?

Kiviksgraven… finally!

How is it? Third time’s a charm? I mean really, I think every language somehow finds number 3 lucky and a bit magical, so… it had to happen to me to. The first time, a year ago – closed. Then in May… closed again.

And now…

Little spoiler.



Something I wanted to see, touch, feel. Have my own ideas, theories.

Of course everything starts at a little, cute coffee shop with homemade cakes and amazing atmosphere, and gifts – more like leftovers, because it is after-season! Right? So… you pay 30 SEK and you can go. None will stop you. Passing by people eating, drinking, like in the old days being close to those who were dead. Making a tribute… truly not knowing it, not seeing it like that. Just having fun maybe only?

I will not complicate their brownies!!! LOL

Because I can hear it calling me.

You really can hear it, or again is it only me? And the doors are open. Can not believe it, shaking a bit… I bet for most of you this is weird. Old stuff and shaky?

Wait, what… oh well, protective wall just behind the doors. Scared me a little!!! LOL

And inside… it is like a concrete square tomb covering one of the most amazing pieces, petroglyphs, rocks, grave… Ideas. Because you can not just come here, take few photos and leave. Luckily for me, we were there alone. Just us and the past. Old, ancient, still leaving so many crumbles to build a story about a prince? Or maybe two princes? Or maybe Ka – Egyptian concept of a vital essence.

I can not run away from ancient Egypt here.

From their Texts of Pyramids… or of sarcophagus?

Two sides, protected by the walls and stone blanket. Two sets of stones, like… you were expecting twins here.

The same… or not?

Or maybe Ockham’s razor? The simplest answer is the one?

I am still thinking, still checking, still weighing it up, still comparing. Still thinking. Finding similar, in fact at the same age pieces from the south… still unsure. Letting myself for the most crazy ideas. Because nothing can stop my brain. Most of all I am a scientist, and this means I am never happy with a solution or theory.

Always digging deeper.

Art or no art, that is…

Art or no art in it at all… is it really a question? I mean really? When it comes to our likes and dislikes, we can have different opinions, right? This is where the fun is, not a war… because my opinion is better, and you are an ass…


Lets quarrel.

Do you find it cute, arty, or maybe just touching?

This piece comes from Kivik.

Yes, the grave will be also described in a next post, or maybe another, still… this little piece, see I saw cottages like this one with all those paintings on them. Kitschy, but still somehow so cute. So touching. Necessary… sad even.

Just look closer…

… if you look at the wooden bench you can see it is attached to the painted bench and you can sit, and be not alone. Be with those cool fishermen… probably? Drink a pint or five? Have a blue sky even when it rains, have it all, even if in fact you can see the harbor from here. If you stand up.

Is it really bad, or you find it interesting.

Because, you know, this what we like can be art for us. And what we hate, can be also art, but one which brings nasty feelings to us… Are really feelings sooo complicated, or is it this wind? My island is closed now, big winds coming, so do not try to swim. Or think too much. When it is so windy, it is better to stay home, and make soup. And maybe not to think about art and “noart” at all? But still… ages ago so called smart humans decided what is art and what is not.

They were mostly wealthy, so you know where it comes from…

But the truth is… if you feel it, it is art. A piece of wood, nature thing, a stone, a painting which nobody likes, but somehow for you it is everything. Of course you can quarrel about the techniques and using of them, but still.

How is it?

If you do not like it, feel it, it may be art for someone else, or just… money. Promotion. Because someone can, so he or she promotes someone just to have more money and this is how the business rolls on.

Because sorry, but this is art too… to sell something.


Oh yes… so for our 20th anniversary, we went to Sweden. Why? Because old stuff is there and they have awesome scented candles which we do not have here. So… yeah, we went to see some weird stuff, but mostly dead people, standing stones and moose signs. And wild hogs signs.

Those for the first time.

And it was raining.

At least it was not wobbly on a ferry, so I was semi okay. On drugs but still. My seasickness is much more powerful than everything around positive thinking and fucking lotus flowers on a calm surface of a pond. Sorry, no way, oh no fu… way. I am an adult, I can swear. And yes, ladies and witches do it.

More or less, yes it was raining. In fact we had a very early ferry, so we had to kill some time, and because doing it with a machete or poison is not a good idea, we saw few wet places, few empty, and a lot of rural Sweden which is so forgotten around September. And I have no idea why… Why people so do not like autumn? Why they do not get it anymore, that we and nature need time to stop producing, and rest?


I love autumn.


Even when it rains.

It is just water.

Nothing more, although it can be if you are watching standing stones… somehow it is like a proper baptism. Finally!!!

But when you got to kill some time, you finally can stop in all those places which are on your way, which you wanna just see, touch, just be closer too. A palace, fresh, now used to be a form of offices. Too fresh for me, but still so pretty, lost between fields and a small forest full of mosquitoes. A lot of them. Or a closed church, which like all churches here are so forgotten, with amazing stones.

Just because…

It is raining and you got to kill that time. LOL

PS. More to come.

Looking under…

I see people taking photos.

We have those weird days now, when everyone has a phone and is ready to use every filter to look better, younger, fancier… to take photo of everything, make a movie, or just create something… People take so many photo, that we slowly forget just to look around. Or are so absorbed by phones, that we do not look around, because what for? Everything is in those little, dark boxes.

I see people standing, but rarely bending, lying down or… yeah, looking under. Not the skirts, come on, you know I do not like to take photos of humans!!! So no skirts here! And no dresses!!! Just looking under, behind.

Looking differently.

Come on. Now when we have internet all I see are same photos of same places. Done with same filters. Like perfect copies.


Why you do not want to be special?

Why you need to show your face in front of everything? Why there is such weird need in people to do it? Is it to have a proof, that you have been there? Or maybe there is something more, something what I AGAIN do not get?

Do not understand?


How much in fact is 20 years?

I mean really?

One not such a big tree? Not such a grown up human being.


A home… which needs renovation?

A company who now has a reputation? A shop… which is too old or too young? A rock, which in fact hasn’t changed a lot. Or if it is a granite, maybe not at all.  How much is it in fact? A lot, or not so much?

I mean not such a long time.

Bones which changes into ash, or are still alive, or are still strong? A dress which is still in fashion, or a piece of material, which has so many memories, that it fall apart. Lots of hours, minutes, days and months. Mornings and evenings. Places you saw and those which are still too far… Dreams already done, forgotten, photos, words, memories. A pillow, which should be thrown out, but you just can not.

It is too much.

A bottle of perfumes which lost it.

Changed, because it was so natural. The X-Files. All those weird meals, all those movies, nights, passions.  Not that passions belong to nights, oh no, never!!! LOL Little miracles, bigger ones. Bears. Cards. Books. Homes… looking for, finding. And words, lots of words, touchings, hugs, kisses…

Blushing still.

Still being unsure. Still in crazy love…


One person.


Happy 20th wedding anniversary Masław!!! LOL


Most of people finds word monochrome only when it come to shades of grey, and all this called darkness. Somehow people do not get it, that every color and its shades can be monochrome. Only if… only if you let this color sparkle, change. Only if you just let the light touch it, or avoid it.

Only if…

Light changes everything.

Even when it comes to something so simple, something ordinary like nets. Nowadays also made of nasty plastic. Nasty, but in one of my fav shades ever… Sometimes for me it is enough to feel the whole whiteness of canvas with blue. I could live with it. Just with blue. But somehow… it is not okay for the rest of the world to like only blue. Somehow… Yeah, of course I am metaphorical.

Nasty metaphorical…

Just blue.

And only blue.

Shades, darkness, intensity. Just blue. Why people can not understand other human beings, which know what they want? Why you all wanna change others to be like TV says – when you do not watch TV and do not read newspapers, suddenly life is so much fuller. When you read a lot, especially historical books with a great fear you get it… everything is a circle and we humans do not learn.

We also teach nasty ad lazy.

So… fuck off my blue!!! Call it a sickness.

So much easier to be sick than just dumb.


Between the rocks

“Rocks or trolls still sleeping…
Loving muddy, wet and mossy?
Elves or maybe even witches?
What can it really be?
The Gods Still Sleeping,
those Forgotten Ones…
and thoughts and dreams
still wet from tears, undone.
Fallen trees and fallen souls,
things unnamed, things unknown.
There between the rocks and streams,
where impossible possible is.” Ch. Jones

There are few such places on my Island, truly like taken from J. R. R. Tolkien books. Where everything is still wild. Where everything is natural so much, that only paths are a bit cleaned up, and wobbly footbridges.

Where whispers come from all those crazy spirits, who decided not to run to the stars, but stay here and laugh from those still alive, so scared of death.

So scared of afterlife.

Where all stories, fairy tales are just real.

And when you finally… rest. Finally somehow get everything. Under this amazing roof of still green leaves. Listening to the stream, playing with colors, and butterflies. Just look how cool they are. Here is my movie. 

Here… somehow everything is so simple. So natural, so politically correct, so none can in fact be pissed off. Although recently I found a guy with earphones, so unhappy, that his love took him into the woods. Geee… do not get people like this. Do not get those for whom cutting trees is just cutting. Just wood.


Yeah, I am weird. For me they are Ents. For me they are stories. For me this is a normal environment. Not shops and cities. Not crowded places and loud noises… Oh yes, here is another movie.