Vikings 2

Okay, so here we come in!

Here we go… We enter this huge hall and already I am stunned… Not only because I managed to somehow run away from few Chinese groups… They are different than other humans, I mean really different.

But to be true. Here you can see in fact 3 different ships. The Oseberg Viking Ship which is really richly decorated… found in a very lavish grave, I mean all those gifts, oh my! Like a Porsche, you know, everything Apple like or…

… sorry I know nothing about brands in fact LOL

The other one is The Gokstad one. Oh my, this one is huge…

But somehow the most touching for me is The Tune Viking Ship. No idea why, but this one speaks to me the most, and on its back is a movie, which surrounds it and makes it amazing… but when it comes to photos.


Bear with me.


Because this what I was fascinated the most was…

… the wood.

And all those colors. And all those shapes. That work.

Imagine creating it. Imagine the vision…

Waves hitting them.

And then the weird silence of the grave.

How cruel was it. Like killing the pegasus!!! Or taking his wings!!!

And then those bodies…

So many stories.

Archaeology so often, especially here in the North, forgets about humans. About oleo behind those tools, gold… looking only for loud findings.

For sparkly things.

I hate it! It is not archaeology.

Archaeology is a slow process, it is understanding, it is touching something what was important for our ancestors. It is so much more… oh my, this is why my project is so slow, because I try to use all the tools. I try to use everything. To look at the symbols from all sides. To use ethnography, psychology, sociology, history, anthropology… even modern look of all this stuff which I have no idea of. But the most important is always a human. That regular one. Working, dreaming, pooping like we all do…

… sneezing… LOL t.b.c.


The Viking Ship Museum in Olso is amazing. And got not only boats inside!!! Here you can find some more specific information.

It is huge. Although, it holds 3 boats inside, so should be so, right? Still, outside be aware that you got to…

Pay for parking.

And it is not an easy task. I mean really. I got an anxiety attack, and it was bad. Really bed. It ended with pills and buying a bear. Which I called Skibet. Because how could I call him differently???

Still… the whole architecture is a bit like a vault holding inside all this strength and passion, all this violence, but also beauty…

Or only I feel so.

Anne Stine and her husband Helge Instad will welcome you. It was all by her. She discovered the village, she was an archaeologist who in fact was the one saying it is Viking! And yeah it was in Canada!!!

Well, it is really important, that she was an archaeologist and he was “only” an explorer. Why am I mentioning it? Because we are talking about the middle of XX century. And it was not so much fun for ladies to be scientists.



Sooo, we will go inside, right?

Even if I prefer much earlier times still, this is something exciting!!!

Okay, the gift shop is fun too. Come on!

Why the heck there is so many Chinese people? And why the toilets… okay, one thing, honestly, do not recommend toilets here! Really. But the museum… Just come here! For longer! Watch the movie and boats…

… to be continued LOL

Ekeberg park 4

I got to come back here.

I really do, because they have sculptures everywhere. We even saw a huge bright red gnome/Santa on a roundabout. I mean HUGE!!! They have this naked exhibition. And a lot of more, so I got to come back to Oslo one day and to see true Norway… and somehow stop screaming when underground.

Yeah, they have here roundabouts even underground!!!


But for now… more sculptures! Amazing or just…

… shocking.

I mean very shocking. I get it. It can be an advert for a plastic surgeon… you know, boobies, or just a mix of male and female bodies combined together… But this mirror surface… you can see yourself in boobs or in…


Sometimes it is better to stop thinking.


Sometimes enough is being overwhelmed.


She is the Goddess.

The true one.

With answers and questions.

And you can fill her up, or make her empty.

Sometimes we all should empty ourselves. Make us ready for new.

Because new is coming if we want it or not.


I promised to finish with them.

And still… I am not sure what to think about them. Is she pushing him away.

Does he really adore her?

Or maybe he will just fuck her… Really. Sex is essential in art. Not in all, still, it speaks volumes. But this sculpture is just… a lot.

And this yellow one, another mix of female and male organs, another Wolverine like creation is bit more… frustrating. Or maybe only disturbing?

Vulgar even?

Or just funny?

Oh my, end with it woman! Next stop, something much older!

Be prepared. LOL

Ekeberg park 3

It just is here. Everything… everything arty but also everything what is that kind of art, which is a bit questionable? Which is so modern, that it may be misunderstood… But still, isn’t art something what should be this?

Something to speak about, to question it to wonder…

Something. Why the heck people got to vandalize everything?

Okay, I do not get this one, but I do not have to, right? I can explain it was a mix of vaginas of all female mammals into which all guys wanna put hands but, still, is there right or wrong in talking about art?


For sure.

Still… I prefer the greenery. This grass, those trees…

Even if this piece is something important to me.

Speaking very strongly, but still, I would never call it pretty. Nor beautiful. But still. art does not have to be beautiful.


Still the most stunning art for me is… the nature.

And something a bit old-fashioned.

There is so much power in it…

Combined with those words.

There is…

There is always so much in a female body. It speaks many languages, it makes statements not speaking. It is so much.

Sometimes too much.

Look at her and listen… she has wisdom inside of her, or just peace and quiet. All those are worth learning…

Ekeberg park 2

Imagine living here… above everything. In a huge home, between all those sculptures and trees. And rocks of course. Maybe there is a tram down there, maybe there are other people, but somehow, you are so… alone.

Perfectly calm.

Watching everything and everyone.

Experiencing the nature.

And there, down there is another world.

Totally another, although I love this blue tram so much!

Still, for me this would be perfect. Imagine this at night when you are the one watching all those lights, and the sea down there.


In a different world.

With all those sculptures, which look like… they are alive when you do not watch. When you close your eyes, they suddenly…

Start to dance. And you live in this yellow mansion.

Cool one!

And art… yeah, I do not get it. I do get geometry, but why this?

Oh well, lets watch these down there…

… looking a bit like LEGO.

I mean really.

Are they real? Or maybe I am only a mist?

A memory?

Ekeberg park

I must admit, the weather was not sunny and warm, still it was perfect. Rain just stopped, the city down there was like something far far far away and we were here, on a small hill with all those amazing buildings and…

… most of all…


Stunning art.

Amazing art.

Emotional art…

Well known art,

and something not so well known.


Moving art…

Art which speaks loud.

And this a bit…



I was amazed. I was moved.

I started to question so much and so many.

Just because of those lines and shapes.

Just because. Because art is for emotions. For questions and answers. To provoke us all to find something new in our hearts, souls… or livers. LOL Yes, art is here to laugh too, I will show you this in next posts.


But for now… some classic.

Arty Oslo

Okay… there is a parking next to it, it is really up, and the whole city is somewhere down there, like not existing… it was wet and gloomy and still…

It was amazing.

And a bit weird. Well… How to say it?

The truth is… this is not what you are thinking about. Or is… who cares. Art is to talk about, to feel, to discuss… right?

But I will write about it later.

She is so beautiful, and those green, wet leaves…

Hard to think it was still summer.

Why we have to write it? Why people just do not respect art?

This huge park is just amazing and I promise you a long walk here, but…

First this one.

An amazing sculpture in front of a very famous school… one so full of movement, passion, stories, emotions…

That I can not stop thinking about it. Helhesten by Gunnar Utsond.

PS. To be continued LOL

More art? Oslo

Sooo… we went to Oslo to see a piece of rock. I think this is how I should explain it because it is a piece of rock, but for me…

… well, a touch of past.

And art too. Not only my work, but passion, thoughts, memories…

My fav kind of art next to few I love so much, but this one, when you think about human beings not having drills…

Imagine how much time it took. How patient they were… Think, are you able to do only one thing and make it more perfect and not be ready on yesterday… or a day before even… Not having it now. Like uploading and done…

It is just breathtaking. But also looking like all those butcher;s drawing…

It is located between Sjomannskolen and is a part of Ekeberg. I think…

Easy to find, but here you have some tips.

Look at those details…

Remember they were painted by archaeologists now.

Go and see them because…

… they are disappearing.


One sunrise…

It is like… we do wake up early, but do we have time to watch it? I mean the whole show? Nope. Not anymore. No sitting outside and watching it, unless you are on vacations, right? Oh come on, I see your face…

We do not watch them anymore.

No idea why?

Okay some of us live in tall buildings or between too much concrete, or just covered in this whole fancy stuff which takes nature away from us.

We skip them.

Not even put on pause, we skip them on this huge remote of surroundings.

Sad we…

And why? Why in fact?

Because we are too busy?

What if one day it will not appear… the sun?

What if…

We are not birds, we are not free.

Where we in the past?

Really? I mean… can a human being be free? Not binded, combined in a some kind of puzzle, picture, movie, can we be?

Just a place…

When Fjällbacka ends you have this amazing bay… very quiet, very peaceful and very calm. I mean really. Somehow there is not many people, but a lot of rocks, waves and one, regular, wobbly boat.

Waiting for something or someone?

And a sunset. Or more like leftovers after it.

Some gold, some copper, some amber…

Calming lines, you just lie down on this wooden piece of bank, bridge, thing to tie boats to…

And are one with everything.

And suddenly everything is one with you. Natures explains you how it needs you.

Really needs you.

And something interesting…

And something almost common…

And the sky!

Of course the sky is from a bit far away from this bay, because there you can not see it, somehow cuddled by the waves and rocks, wood and quiet sea song. Amazing. Almost a lullaby. You could just close your eyes and melt into it.

Be one forever.